International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 7, No. 3, September 1997


Table of Contents


Impact and Nonimpact on Vertical Truncated Cylinder Due to Strong and Weak Asymmetric Wave

..... 161
C.H. Kim, Y. Xu and J. Zou
Simplified Approach for Analyzing Concrete Creep of the Heidrun TLP - A Verification Study ..... 168
Olav Fyrileiv, Torfinn Hørte and Pål G. Bergan
Control of Fluid-Structure Interaction Instabilities Using Circular Cylindrical Nutation Dampers ..... 174
M.L. Seto and V.J. Modi

Second-Order Approximate Solution of Nonlinear Wave Diffraction Due to Vertical Cylinder Array

..... 181
Takeshi Sanada, Norimi Mizutani and Koichiro Iwata
Numerical Simulation and Spectral Analysis of Irregular Sea Waves ..... 189
Celso K. Morooka and Irineu H. Yokoo
Dynamically Responding Vertical Cylinders in the Morison Regime - The Influence of Structural Damping ..... 197
Murray Townsend and Nicholas Haritos
Analytical Methods for Non-Gaussian Stochastic Response of Offshore Structures ..... 205
Jin Wang and Loren D. Lutes

Response of Offshore Structures to Explosion Loading

..... 212
B.A. Izzuddin and D. Lloyd Smith
Instability and Movement of Oceanfloor Sediments: A Review ..... 220
M.S. Rahman
Fixed Finite Element Model of Heat Transfer with Phase Change � Part II: Analysis of Numerical Examples ..... 226
I. Kreja and B.B. Budkowska

Deep-Sea Tunnel Foundation Stabilization by Using Cement Clinker Sand-Bed

..... 233
Robert Yun-Pin Chin