International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 6, No. 3, September 1996


Table of Contents


Effect of Momentum Injection on the Drag Reduction and Flow-Induced Instabilities of a Square Prism ..... 161

S.R. Munshi, V.J. Modi and T. Yokomizo

Interaction Between Tsunami and Artificial Floating Island

..... 171
Ken Takagi

Hydrodynamic Forces on ROVs Near the Air-Sea Interface

..... 177
P. Sayer

In-Service Dynamic Behavior of a Drilling Derrick on a Jacket Platform

..... 184
Vittorio Gusella, Ostilio Spadaccini and Andrea Vignoli

Grounding Bottom Damage and Ship Motion over a Rock

..... 195
Bo Cerup Simonsen and Tomasz Wierzbicki

Effects of Elastic Joints on 3-D Nonlinear Responses of a Deep-Ocean Pipe: Modeling and Boundary Conditions

..... 203
Jin S. Chung and B.-R. Cheng

Numerical Analysis of Pipeline Dynamics in Seabed Laying

..... 212
Vadim S. Tikhonov, Alexander I. Safronov, Mikhail A. Kamyshev and Namik G. Figarov

Behaviour of Large Diameter Wire Ropes

..... 219
Mohammed Raoof and Ivana Kraincanic

An Experiment-Based Time-Domain Mathematical Model of OWC Power Plants

..... 227
A.J.N.A. Sarmento and A. Brito-Melo

Permeability Studies in Marine Clays Stabilized with Lime Column

..... 234
S. Narasimha Rao and Paul K. Mathew