International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 4, No. 3, September 1994


Table of Contents


Diffraction of Surface Waves by Axisymmetric Obstacles in Water of Finite Depth ..... 169
Vitaly V. Yakovlev and Alexander V. Pyatetsky

Simulation of Nonlinear Waves and Forces Due to Transient and Steady Motion of Submerged Sphere

..... 174
C.C. Lee, Y.H. Liu and C.H. Kim
Prediction of Wave Effects on the MOLIKPAQ Platform ..... 183
Michael Isaacson and Ken Gaida
Numerical Study on a Two-Dimensional Circular Cylinder with a Rigid and an Elastic Splitter Plate in Uniform Flow ..... 193
Changhong Hu and Wataru Koterayama

Wave Group Evolution, Wave Deformation, and Breaking: Simulations Using LONGTANK, a Numerical Wave Tank

..... 200
Pei Wang, Yitao Yao and Marshall P. Tulin
Effects of Wave Directionality on the In-Line Loading of a Vertical Cylinder ..... 206
John R. Chaplin, Kesavan Subbiah and Mehemosh B. Irani
Random Wave Force on Horizontal Members ..... 212
Laurence Z.H. Chuang and C.C. Tung

On the Dynamics of Taut Oceanographic Surface Moorings

..... 219
M.A. Grosenbaugh
Caisson Foundations for Jacket Structures ..... 223
B. Rognlien, K. Eriksen, P. Sparrevik and M. Baerheim
An Engineering Approach to Characterize the Lock-In Phenomenon Generated by a Current on a Flexible Column ..... 231
Laurent Foulhoux and Vincent Saubestre

Fractography of Crack Growth in Stress-Corrosion Cracking and Corrosion Fatigue of a Number of Offshore Steels

..... 234
I.S. Cole and R. Brook
A Model for Fatigue Life Prediction of Offshore Welded Stiffened Steel Tubular Joints Using FM Approach ..... 241
D.S. Ramachandra Murthy, P. Gandhi and A.G. Madhava Rao

Diagnosis of the Subsequent Failure Mechanisms of Composite Laminates

..... 248
S.C. Max Yen, T.C. Chu, K.T. Teh, M.A. Wright and P. Stumpff