International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 2, No. 3, September 1992


Table of Contents


Drag and Inertia Force Coefficients Derived from Field Tests ..... 161
Wataru Koterayama and Masahiko Nakamura

Surge Drift Motion of a Moored Vessel in Random Waves

..... 168
Martin J. Krafft and Cheung H. Kim
Second-Order Diffraction Forces on Floating Three-Dimensional Bodies in Regular Waves ..... 175
T. Matsui, T. Suzuki and Y. Sakoh
Vortex Formation in Ocean Currents ..... 186
George S. Triantafyllou

Time Domain Models from Frequency Domain Descriptions: Application to Marine Dynamics

..... 191
E.R. Jefferys and K.R. Goheen
Motion Simulation of Subsea Vehicles ..... 198
S. Kalske and K. Happonen
Ice Forces in Dynamic Ice Structure Interaction ..... 204
Esa Eranti

Effect of Confining Stress on Brittle Indentation Failure of Columnar Ice

..... 212
Johan A. Grape and Erland M. Schulson
Ice Action onto Multilegged Structures Due to Change of Water Level ..... 222
D.G. Matskevitch and K.N. Shkhinek
Ice Accretion on Energized Line Insulators ..... 228
M. Farzaneh, J. Kiernicki and J.-F. Drapeau

Ultimate Uplift Capacity of Metal Piles in Sand

..... 234
Braja M. Das and Eun C. Shin
Self-Rectifying Turbines for Wave Energy Conversion ..... 238
K. Kaneko, T. Setoguchi and S. Raghunathan