International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 1, No. 3, September 1991


Table of Contents


On the Nutation Damping of Fluid-Structure Interaction Instabilities ..... 167
V.J. Modi and F. Welt

Analysis of Multi-Leg Moorings by Spatial Integration

..... 176
R.B. Chiou and J.W. Leonard
Nonlinear Behaviour of Free Spanning Pipelines Exposed to Steady Currents: Model Tests and Numerical Simulations ..... 183
F. Tura and L. Vitali
Onset of Scour Below a Pipeline Exposed to Waves ..... 189
B.M. Sumer and J. Fredsoe

Bottom Breakout of Objects Resting on Soft Clay Sediments

..... 195
Braja M. Das
Numerical Simulation of Experiments on Multiplanar Tubular Steel X-Joints ..... 200
G. J. van der Vegte, C.H.M. de Koning, R. S. Puthli, and J. Wardenier
A Strategy for Assessing Weld Metal Pop-In ..... 208
J.D.G. Sumpter

Dynamical Problems of Ice-Cover Fracture

..... 212
A. V. Pushkin, L. I. Slepian, and A. N. Zlatin
Dynamic Elastic-Plastic Analysis of Offshore Framed Structures by Plastic Node Method Considering Strain-Hardening Effects ..... 220
Masahiko Fujikubo, Yong Bai, and Yukio Ueda
Localization for Automated Inspection of Curved Surfaces ..... 228
Leonidas Bardis, Richard A. Jinkerson, and Nicholas M. Patrikalakis

Experimental Investigation of Wave Drift Damping and Slow Drift Motion in Bi-Frequency Domain

..... 235
M.J. Krafft and C.H. Kim
Transient Surge Motion of a Moored Ship in Random Waves ..... 239
Yoon R. Choi and Hang S. Choi
Drag, Inertia and Transverse Force Coefficients for Random Planar Oscillatory Flow ..... 242
R. G. Longoria, J. J. Beaman, and R. W. Miksad