International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 28, No. 3 September 2018


Table of Contents


Experimental Investigation of Hydrodynamic Response of an Ocean Uranium Extraction Machine Attached to a Floating Wind Turbine ..... 225
Maha N. Haji, Jocelyn M. Kluger, Justin W. Carrus, Themistoklis P. Sapsis and Alexander H. Slocum
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.jc735 �@ �@
Sloshing Load Assessments for a Midscale Single-Row FLNG ..... 232
Chang Seop Kwon, Hyun Joe Kim, Jong Jin Park, Dong Yeon Lee, Booki Kim and Yonghwan Kim
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.jc720 �@ �@
Statistical Analysis of Turbulent Dispersion in the Sea Surface Layer Based on Satellite-Tracked Drifter Data ..... 240
Agnese Pini, Giovanni Leuzzi and Paolo Monti �@ �@
On the Coupling of Incompressible SPH with a Finite Element Potential Flow Solver for Nonlinear Free-Surface Flows ..... 248
Georgios Fourtakas, Peter K. Stansby, Benedict D. Rogers, Steven J. Lind, Shiqiang Yan and Qingwei Ma �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.ak28 �@ �@
Switching Control for 3-D Waypoint Tracking of a Biomimetic Underwater Vehicle ..... 255
Rui Wang, Yu Wang, Shuo Wang, Chong Tang and Min Tan
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.mt22 �@ �@
Nonlinear Wave Loads on High-rise Pile Cap Structures in the Donghai Bridge Wind Farm ..... 263
Ling Chen, Jifu Zhou, Xu Wang and Zhan Wang
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.jc717 �@ �@
Reliability-Based Inspection Planning of 20 MW Offshore Wind Turbine Jacket ..... 272
Tomas Gintautas and John Dalsgaard Sørensen
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.il53 �@ �@
Strain-Based Pipeline Repair via Type B Sleeve ..... 280
Justin M. Crapps, Xin Yue, Ronald A. Berlin, Heider A. Suarez, Petr A. Pribytkov, Brent A. Vyvial and Jared S. Proegler
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.oa19 �@ �@
An FEA-Based Methodology for Assessing the Residual Strength of Degraded Mooring Chains ..... 287
Justin M. Crapps, Haiping He and David A. Baker
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.oa21 �@ �@
Influence of Different Load Histories on the Cyclic Material Behavior of Nodular Cast Iron for Thick-walled Application ..... 294
Christoph Bleicher
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.et03 �@ �@
Qualitative Estimation of Momentary Liquefaction in a Sandy Seabed Based on Pore Water Pressure ..... 303
Feng Wen, Jian-Hua Wang and Jin-Jian Chen �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.cl07 �@ �@
Undrained Capacity of Suction Piles Subjected to Moment Loading ..... 312
Saeed Abyaneh, Justin Kennedy, Alasdair Maconochie and John Oliphant �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.cl12 �@ �@
Evaluation of p-y Approaches for Large-Diameter Piles in Layered Sand ..... 318
Klaus Thieken, Martin Achmus, Mauricio Terceros and Katrin Lemke �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.tm84 �@ �@
On the Cautious Estimation of Characteristic Soil Strength for Axial Pile Capacity ..... 328
Knut O. Ronold �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.cl10 �@ �@

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