International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 26, No. 3 September 2016


Table of Contents


Comparison of Measured and Simulated Structural Loads of an Offshore Wind Turbine at Alpha Ventus ..... 209
Kolja Müller, Mario Reiber and Po Wen Cheng
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.fvr01 �@ �@
Study of Stress-Monitoring Method in Supporting Structure of Floating Offshore Wind Turbine ..... 219
Shunka C. Hirao, Yosuke Anai, Shigesuke Ishida and Shunji Inoue
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.jcr31 �@ �@
Optimisation of Offshore Wind Farms Using a Genetic Algorithm ..... 225
Ajit C. Pillai, John Chick, Lars Johanning, Mahdi Khorasanchi and Sebastien Pelissier �@ �@
Comparative Study of Standard WC-SPH and MPS Solvers for Free Surface Academic Problems ..... 235
Farid P. Bakti, Moo-Hyun Kim, Kyung Sung Kim and Jong-Chun Park �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.pf17 �@ �@
Development of New Device for Reduction of Fluctuating Lift on Riser Pipe .....  244
Sadato Sugiyama, Hiroyuki Yamamoto, Akio Usami, Koki Hirano, Hideyuki Suzuki, Masahiko Ozaki, Masanori Kyo and Eigo Miyazaki
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.jc650 �@ �@
PIV Measurement of Violent Sloshing Flows and Comparison with CFD Computations ..... 251
Kyung-Kyu Yang, Jieung Kim, Yonghwan Kim, Sang-Yeob Kim and Zhang Zhu
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.mk48 �@ �@
A Model Test for Deepwater Lifting and Lowering Operations of a Subsea Manifold ..... 263
Bo-Woo Nam, Nam-Woo Kim, Young-Myung Choi, Sa Young Hong and Jong-Wook Kim
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.mk49 �@ �@
Residual Life of Pipeline with Volumetric Surface Defect in the Weld Zone ..... 272
Peter Yukhymets, Aleksey Gopkalo, Gheorge Zecheru and Mitko Mihovski
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.hj23 �@ �@
Development of Cleavage Fracture Initiation Model for Bainite Steels Based on Micromechanism .....  278
Itsuki Kawata, Takashi Hiraide, Kazuki Shibanuma, Tomoya Kawabata and Shuji Aihara
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.jc655 �@ �@
Quantitative Evaluation of Microstructural Influence on the Brittle Fracture Toughness of Ferrite-Pearlite Steels ..... 287
Yoshiki Nemoto, Kazuki Shibanuma, Katsuyuki Suzuki, Shuji Aihara and Takashi Hiraide �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.hj28 �@ �@
Qualification of Reeled Mechanically Lined Pipes for Fatigue Service ..... 296
Aurelien Pepin, Tomasz Tkaczyk, Noel O�fDowd and Kamran Nikbin �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.bn09 �@ �@
Application of Coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian Method to Large Deformation Analyses of Offshore Foundations and Suction Anchors ..... 304
Huynh Dat Vu Khoa and Hans Petter Jostad �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.tm78 �@ �@
Triaxial Compressive Property of Artificial CO2-Hydrate Sand ..... 315
Kuniyuki Miyazaki, Yasuki Oikawa, Hironori Haneda and Tsutomu Yamaguchi �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.jc631 �@ �@

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