International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 20, No. 3 September 2010


Table of Contents


Green Growth: A Promising Path to Sustainable Economic Growth ..... 161
Jay Koo
Hydrodynamic Experimental Investigation on Efficient Swimming of Robotic Fish Using Self-propelled Method ..... 167

Li Wen, Jianhong Liang, Guanhao Wu and Jinlan Li

Design and Development of Amphibious Robot with Fin Actuators ..... 175

Yoshimasa Kawamura, Junichi Shimoya, Eiji Yoshida, Naomi Kato, Hiroyoshi Suzuki and  Hidetaka Senga

Simulationsof Hydro-Elastic ImpactsUs ing a Parallel SPH Model ..... 181

G.Oger, P.-M.Guilc her, E.J acquin, L.Br osset, J.-B.Deuf f and D.Le Touzé

Splitter-Plate Wake Stabilisation and Low Aspect Ratio Cylinder Flow-induced Vibration Mitigation ..... 190

Brad Stappenbelt

Effects of Forward Speed of a Ship on Added Resistance in Waves

..... 196

Masashi Kashiwagi, Takehiro Ikeda and Takuma Sasakawa

Numerical Simulation of 2D Violent Sloshing Flows by Using CCUP Method ..... 204

Kyungkyu Yang, Yonghwan Kim and Changhong Hu

Thermal Performance of Embankment Within Crushed Rock Layer Along Qinghai-Tibet  Railway

..... 210
Qingbai Wu, Liu Ge, Yongzhi Liu and Tingjun Zhang
Sour-Resistant X65 UOE Line Pipe for Low-Temperature Service ..... 218
Yoshio Terada, Hajime Ishikawa, Rikio Chijiiwa, Masaaki Sugiyama and Hiroshi Tamehiro

Bearing Capacity of Surface Footing on Soft Clay Underlying Stiff Nonhomogeneous Desiccated Crust


Hyunku Park, Seung Rae Lee and Sung Hyun Jee

Estimation of Compressibility for Normally Consolidated Clays Using PCPT Dissipation Results


Junhwan Lee, Kyungbum Seo and Younghwan Park