International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 19, No. 3  September 2009


Table of Contents


Lagrangian Particle Method as Advanced Technology for Numerical Wave Flume ..... 161
Hitoshi Gotoh
Nonlinear Simulation of 3-D Freak Waves Using a Fast Numerical Method ..... 168

S. Yan and Q. W. Ma

A New Method for Applying r-Largest Maxima Model for Design Sea-State Prediction

..... 176
Takvor H. Soukissian and Georgia D. Kalantzi
Wave Run-up and Response Spectrum for Wave Scattering from a Cylinder ..... 183
Jun Zang, Shuxue Liu, Rodney Eatock Taylor and Paul H. Taylor
Nonlinear Solution for Vibration of Vertical Plate and Transient Waves Generated by Wave Impact ..... 189
Guanghua He and Masashi Kashiwagi
Nonlinear Wave Diffraction by Submerged Horizontal Circular Cylinder ..... 198
J. M. Paixão Conde, E. Didier, M. F. P. Lopes and L. M. C. Gato
Modeling of Brash Ice Channel and Tests with Model CCGS Terry Fox ..... 206
Jungyong Wang, Michael Lau, Chun-Ju Lee and Seong-Rak Cho
Ship and Winch Regulation for Remotely Operated Vehicle�fs Waypoint Navigation ..... 214
Jonathan D. M. Zand, Bradley J. Buckham, Daniela Constantinescu and Sairam Prabhakar
Finite Element Analysis for Telescopic Deformation and Tearing Rupture of Wrinkled Pipe ..... 224

Navid Nazemi, Sreekanta Das and Sara Kenno

Joints Between Plates or I Sections and a Circular Hollow Section Chord ..... 232
J. Wardenier, G. J. van der Vegte and Y. Makino