International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 17, No. 3 September 2007


Table of Contents


Conditions for Formation of Extremely Severe Ice Seasons in Northeastern Barents Sea from Early 1950s to Present

..... 161
G. K. Zubakin, A. A. Lebedev, V. V. Ivanov, I. V. Buzin and L. I. Eide

Flexural Strength of Drifting Level First-year Ice in Barents Sea

..... 169
Nina A. Krupina and Nickolai V. Kubyshkin
Modeling Annual Variation of Sea-ice Cover in Baffin Bay ..... 176
Charles C. L. Tang and Ewa Dunlap
Wind Tunnel Study of Electro-thermal De-icing of Wind Turbine Blades ..... 182
C. Mayer, A. Ilinca, G. Fortin and J. Perron
Experimental Study on MHD Oil Separation from Oil-contaminated Seawater Using High Field Superconducting Magnet ..... 189
Yan Peng, Ciwen Sha, Guoyan Zhang, Linzhi Zhao, Ran Li, Yuyu Xu, Zuowei Lin, Minoru Takeda and Satoshi Nakagawa
Seabed Characterisation and Models for Pipeline-soil Interaction ..... 193
David J. White and Mark F. Randolph
Prediction of Fracture in Wrinkled Energy Pipelines Subjected to Cyclic Deformations ..... 205
Sreekanta Das, J. J. Roger Cheng and David W. Murray
Jet-wall Interaction in Shallow Waters ..... 213
Francesco Lalli, Massimo Falchi, Giovanni Paolo Romano, Alessandra Romolo and Roberto Verzicco
Optimal Acoustic Search Path Planning for Sonar System Based on Genetic Algorithm ..... 218
Jung-Hong Cho, Jea Soo Kim, Jun-Seok Lim, Seongil Kim and Young-Sun Kim
Chord Stress Functions for K Gap Joints of  Rectangular Hollow Sections ..... 225
J. Wardenier, G. J. van der Vegte and D. K. Liu
Behavior of Composite Ground Reinforced by Sand Compaction Piles ..... 233
Sang Jae Han, Soo Sam Kim, Han Kyu Ryu and Hyun Young Shin