International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 16, No. 3 September 2006


Table of Contents


Implementation and Validation of Nonlinear Wavemaker Models in a HOS Numerical Wave Tank

..... 161
G. Ducrozet, F. Bonnefoy, D. Le Touzé and P. Ferrant

FEM for Time Domain Analysis of Hydroelastic Response of VLFS with Fully Nonlinear Free-surface Conditions

..... 168
Jo Hyun Kyoung, Sa Young Hong and Byoung Wan Kim
Diffraction Theory as a Tool for Predicting Airgap Beneath a Multicolumn Gravity-based Structure ..... 175
Daniel A. G. Walker, Paul H. Taylor, Rodney Eatock Taylor and Jun Zang
Statistical Behaviour of Directional Bound Long Waves ..... 183
R. Gentile and L. Rebaudengo Landò
Biology-inspired Precision Maneuvering of Underwater Vehicles (Part 4) ..... 195
Naomi Kato, Yoshito Ando, Toshihide Shigetomi and Tomohisa Katayama
Development of Automatic Position-adjustable Elevator for Workboat ..... 202
Masahiko Nakamura and Hiroyuki Kajiwara
Model-based Sliding Mode Control of Underwater Robot Manipulators ..... 210
Bin Xu, Shunmugham R. Pandian, Manabu Inoue, Norimitsu Sakagami and Sadao Kawamura
Towing and Winch Control Strategy for Underwater Vehicles in Sheared Currents ..... 218
Paul Williams
Metallography of Dissimilar Fe-Ni Joint by Friction Stir Welding ..... 228
HyunWoo Jin, Raghavan Ayer, Russell Mueller, Shiun Ling and Steve Ford
Weld Metal Mechanical Properties in Hyperbaric GTAW of X70 Pipeline ..... 233
Odd M. Akselsen, Hans Fostervoll, Ansgar Hårsvær and Ragnhild Aun