International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 15, No. 3 September 2005


Table of Contents


A Numerical Study on Unsteady Flow Around a Mechanical Pectoral Fin ..... 161
Hiroyoshi Suzuki and Naomi Kato
The Statistical Distribution of a Nonlinear Ocean Surface ..... 168
Jingdong Liu, Harald E. Krogstad, Karsten Trulsen, Kristian Dysthe and Herve Socquet-Juglard
Wave-induced Motions of a Body Floating in a 2-LayerFluid ..... 175
Masashi Kashiwagi
Hydroelastic Motions and Drift Forces of Very Large Mobile Offshore Structure in Waves ..... 183
Ken Takagi, Jun Noguchi and Takeshi Kinoshita
Some Considerations on Forward-speed Seakeeping Calculations in Frequency Domain ..... 189
Booki Kim
Numerical Model of 2-D Multiphase Flow with Solid-Liquid-Gas Interaction ..... 198
Koji Kawasaki
Global and Local Scourat Pile Groups ..... 204
B. Mutlu Sumer, Klavs Bundgaard and Jørgen Fredsøe
Rationalization of Design of Side Structure of Ice-strengthened Tankers ..... 210

Ge Wang, Roger Basu, Dipak Chavda and Shewen Liu, Myong-Sup Lee, Yong-Suk Suh and Yoo-Jhung Han

Numerical Calculation Model of Sea Freezing in Fishing Port During Winter ..... 215
S. Kioka, D. Honma, Y. Yamamoto and T. Terashima
Quantifying the Residual Creep Life of Polyester Mooring Ropes ..... 223
J. E. Bradon and C. R. Chaplin
Cable Vibration Considering Interlayer Coulomb Friction ..... 229
R. H. Knapp and Xin Liu
Effect of Soil Compaction Piles on Settlement Reduction in Soft Ground ..... 235
Sung-Min Cho, Byoung-Ill Kim, Young-Uk Kim and Seung-Hyun Lee