International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 8, No. 1, March 1998


Table of Contents


Assessment of the Wave-Iceberg Load Combination Factor

..... 1
Ricardo Foschi, Michael Isaacson, Norman Allyn and Ibrahim Saudy
Ice Conditions in an Anisotropic Sea Ice Dynamics Model ..... 9
Robert S. Pritchard
Limit-Force Ice Loads and Their Significance to Offshore Structures in the Beaufort Sea ..... 16
G. Comfort, S. Singh and A. Dinovitzer

Gas Hydrates in the Messoyakha Gas Field of the West Siberian Basin - A Re-Examination of the Geologic Evidence

..... 22
Timothy S. Collett and Gabriel D. Ginsburg
Dynamic Interaction of Nonlinear Waves and a Seawall over Sand Seabed ..... 30
Norimi Mizutani and Ayman M. Mostafa
Viscous Effects in Wave-Body Interaction ..... 39
M. Landrini, M. Ranucci, C.M. Casciola and G. Graziani

Hydrodynamic Interaction Between a Fixed and a Floating Cylinder

..... 46
Imam H. Kazi, Allen T. Chwang and George T. Yates
An Investigation of Extreme Wave Behaviour Around a Model TLP ..... 51
A.D. Arnott, C.A. Greated, A. Incecik and A. McLeary
Response Prediction of a TLP in Cyclonic Storm Conditions ..... 58
S.A. Higgins, J.B. Hinwood and K.P. Thiagarajan

Vortex-Excited Vibration of a Vertical Circular Cylinder in Waves

..... 66
Kenjirou Hayashi and John R. Chaplin
Characteristics of Wave Forces on Vertical Cylinder Due to Two-Crossing Waves ..... 74
Yoon-Koo Kang and Takashi Tomita