International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 6, No. 1, March 1996


Table of Contents


Underwater Laser Viewing System

..... 1
Hidetoshi Takahashi, Hisao Kato, Masato Nakamichi, Masaki Tamuro, Yoichi Kemmochi, Toshitaka Saito, Mikio Mori, Yoshiaki Takahashi, Harukazu Asatsuma and Shiro Ishida

Map Based Navigation for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

..... 9
S.T. Tuohy, J.J. Leonard, J.G. Bellingham, N.M. Patrikalakis and C. Chryssostomidis

Wave Forces on a Horizontal Plate

..... 19
Michael Isaacson and Shankar Bhat

Responses of a Spar Platform in Random Waves and Currents (Experiment Vs. Theory)

..... 27
Z. Ran, M.H. Kim, J.M. Niedzwecki and S.P. Johnson

Wave Radiation by a Submerged Elliptical Disk

..... 35
S. Zhang and A.N. Williams

Effects of Free Surface Fluctuation on Total Wave Force on Structures

..... 41
S.C. Yeh and C.C. Tung

Performance of a Submerged Wave Focusing Structure in a Current

..... 47
Kwok Fai Cheung and Joong Woo Lee

Nonlinear Coupled Responses to Impact Loads on Free-Span Pipeline: Torsional Coupling, Load Steps and Boundary Conditions

..... 53
Jin S. Chung and Bao-rong Cheng

Simplified Failure-Load Envelopes for Shallow Foundation on Dense Sand

..... 62
Roy Butterfied and Guido Gottardi

Performance of the Contrarotating Wells Turbine

..... 68
L.M.C. Gato and R. Curran

Impulse Turbine with Self-Pitch-Controlled Guide Vanes for Wave Power Conversion: Guide Vanes Connected by Links

..... 76
T. Setoguchi, K. Kaneko, H. Taniyama, H. Maeda and M. Inoue