International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 4, No. 1, March 1994


Table of Contents


An Experimental Investigation of the Characteristics of an Unsteady Wake ..... 1
M.R. Hajj, R.W. Miksad, R.S. Solis and E.J. Powers

The Analysis of Two-Level System of Boundary Integral Equations for Fluid-Structure Interaction

..... 6
L.I. Slepyan and S.V. Sorokin
Added Mass and Damping on an Oscillating Surface-Piercing Circular Column with a Circular Footing ..... 11
Jin S. Chung
Estimation of Wave Drift Damping for a TLP ..... 18
A.N. Williams and K.B. Davies

Extreme Wave Action on Large Horizontal Cylinders Located Above Still Water Level

..... 23
Eng-Soon Chan
Self-Burial of Pipelines at Span Shoulders ..... 30
B.M. Sumer and J. Fredsoe
Nondestructive Evaluation of Toughness for In-Service Superheater Tubes of Fossil Fuel Boiler ..... 36
F. Nogata, K. Seo, M. Kusaka, H. Takahashi, Y. Hirose, Sae-Wook Oh and K. Matsui
M. Farzaneh and J.-L. Laforte
Approaches to Find Iceberg Collision Risks for Fixed Offshore Platforms ..... 48
Reinert Korsnes and Geir Moe

Ice Loads on Conical Piers - A Finite Element Investigation

..... 53
Ahmed Derradji-Aouat
The Effects of Vibration Absorbers on the Longitudinal Vibration of a Pipe String in the Deep Sea - Part 2: A Case of Mining Manganese Nodules ..... 62
K. Aso, K. Kan, H. Doki and T. Ohkoshi
Aerodynamics of Monoplane Wells Turbine - A Review ..... 68
S. Raghunathan, T. Setoguchi and K. Kaneko
Impulse Turbine with Self-Pitch-Controlled Tandem Guide Vanes for Wave Power Conversion ..... 76
T. Setoguchi, K. Kaneko, H. Maeda, T.W. Kim and M. Inoue