International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 2, No. 1, March 1992


Table of Contents


The Static Strength of Uniplanar Tubular Steel X-Joints Reinforced by a Can ..... 1
G.J.van der Vegte, R.S. Puthli and J. Wardenier

A Perturbation Method of Direct Spectral Analysis for the Random Response of Offshore Structures

..... 7
Zhao-chang Zheng and Bao-rong Cheng
Time Scale for Wave/Current Scour Below Pipelines ..... 13
J. Fredsoe, B.M. Sumer and M.M. Arnskov
Model Testing of Tension Leg Platforms - Part I: Simulation of Environmental Loading ..... 18
M.B. Irani, O.G. Nwogu and G.R. Mogridge

Trawl Forces on Free-Spanning Pipelines

..... 24
R.L.P. Verley, B.H. Moshagen, N.C. Moholdt and I. Nygaard
Influence of Amplitude Modulation on the Fluid Forces Acting on a Vibrating Cylinder in Cross-Flow ..... 32
R. Gopalkrishnan, M.A. Grosenbaugh and M.S. Triantafyllou
Identification of Low-Order Dynamic Models for Deeply Towed Underwater Vehicle Systems ..... 38
Franz S. Hover and Dana R. Yoerger

On the Breaking of Energetic Waves

..... 46
Marshall P. Tulin and Jiyue J. Li
Second-Order Long Waves Around Huge Man-Made Island ..... 54
Koichi Masuda and Takashi Nagai
Analysis of Nonlinear Response of an Articulated Tower ..... 61
Oded Gottlieb, Solomon C.S. Yim and Robert T. Hudspeth

Ice Forces on Light Piers in the St. Lawrence Seaway

..... 67
R. Frederking, M. Sayed and G. Penney
Modelling of Snowdrift Around Prismatic Building for Antarctic Environment ..... 73
D.H. Kim, K.C.S. Kwok, D.J. Smedley and H.F. Rohde