International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 28, No. 1 March 2018


Table of Contents


Hydrodynamic Resonances in Harbor Engineering (Prof. Jin S. Chung Award Lecture, 2017) ..... 1
Chiang C. Mei
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.jc736 �@ �@
Morison Equation in Practice and Hydrodynamic Validity ..... 11
Jin S. Chung
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.jc740 �@ �@
Time-Domain Analysis of Motion Responses of Side-by-Side Vessels During Offshore Installations and Underway Replenishment ..... 19
Xi Chen, Ren-chuan Zhu and Yun-tao Yang �@ �@
Performance Evaluation of Active Heave Compensator in Deepwater Installation Operation ..... 31
Young-Myung Choi, Bo Woo Nam, Sa Young Hong and Jong Wook Kim �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.jc709 �@ �@
Fully Coupled Analysis of an Offshore Deck Mating Operation of a Large Topside Module ..... 40
Sa Young Hong, Bo Woo Nam, Yoon-Jin Ha and Seok Won Hong
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.ts12 �@ �@
Designing Short-Term Wave Traces to Assess Wave Power Devices ..... 46
Pál Schmitt, Lucas Danisch, Paul Lamont-Kane and Björn Elsäßer
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.as23 �@ �@
Validation of INNWIND.EU Scaled Model Tests of a Semisubmersible Floating Wind Turbine ..... 54
Friedemann Borisade, Christian Koch, Frank Lemmer, Po Wen Cheng, Filippo Campagnolo and Denis Matha
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.fv04 �@ �@
Numerical Simulation of Wave Slamming on a Flap-Type Oscillating Wave Energy Device ..... 65
Pedro J. Martínez-Ferrer, Ling Qian, Derek M. Causon, Clive G. Mingham and Zhihua Ma
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.as20 �@ �@
Research on Short-term Ice Cases for Predicting Ice Force on Conical Structure in the Bohai Gulf ..... 72
Yufeng Gong, Zhengyi Zhang, Jingxi Liu and De Xie
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.ik02 �@ �@
Three-Dimensional Seepage Characteristics of Reservoir Embankment Considering Interval of Horizontal Filter ..... 80
Young-Hak Lee, Sung-Yong Park, Ken-Ichi Tokida and Dal-Won Lee
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.cl08 �@ �@
Experimental Study of Wave Motion and Pore Pressure Around a Submerged Impermeable Breakwater in a Sandy Seabed ..... 87
Yanyan Zhai, Jisheng Zhang, Lai Jiang, Qiancheng Xie and Hao Chen �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.cl06 �@ �@
Validation of Umbilical Fatigue Analysis by Full-Scale Testing ..... 96
Mayuresh M. Dhaigude, Knut I. Ekeberg and Nils Sødahl �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.bn13 �@ �@
Dynamic Ultimate Hull Girder Strength Analysis on a Container Ship under Impact Bending Moments ..... 105
Bin Yang and De-yu Wang �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2018.ty02 �@ �@

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