International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 25, No. 1 March 2015


Table of Contents


Numerical Simulation of Long Wave Runup for Breaking and Nonbreaking Waves ..... 1
Mostafa S. Shadloo, Robert Weiss, Mehmet Yildiz and Robert A. Dalrymple �@
Hydroelastic Waves Generated by Point Loads in a Current ..... 8
D. Q. Lu and Ronald W. Yeung �@
Numerical Simulations of the Flow Past Surface-Piercing Objects ..... 13
Andrea Colagrossi, Salvatore Marrone, Benjamin Bouscasse and Riccardo Broglia �@
Numerical Investigation of Focused Waves on Uniform Currents ..... 19
De-zhi Ning, Xiao-ling Zhuo, Tian-cong Hou and Bin Teng �@
Resistance and Seakeeping Optimization of a Fast Multihull Passenger Ferry ..... 26
Giuliano Vernengo, Stefano Brizzolara and Dario Bruzzone �@
Simulation and Validation of an AUV in Variable Accelerations ..... 35
Howan Kim, Zhi Quan Leong, Dev Ranmuthugala and Alexander Forrest �@
Development of Surface Flaw Interaction Rules for Strain-Based Pipelines ..... 45
Huang Tang, Doug P. Fairchild, Wentao Cheng, Wan Kan, Mike Cook and Mario L. Macia �@
Effect of Heat Treatment on Hydrogen Diffusion Behavior of Process Pipe Steel ..... 56
Do Kyeong Han, Hwan Gyo Jung, Kyoo Young Kim and Sung Jin Kim �@
Interpretation of the South Stream Ring Collapse Test Program Results ..... 63
Ruud Selker, Pedro M.C. Ramos and Ping Liu �@
Optimization of the Existing Methods for Recovery of Base Metals from Polymetallic Nodules ..... 71
Miguel Pelegrín Rodriguez, Ruben Aja and Ramón Causse Miyares �@