International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 23, No. 1 March 2013


Table of Contents


Review of Confederation Bridge Ice Forces: Winter 2008–2010 ..... 1
Robert Frederking, Lian-Feng Li and Ivana Kubat �@
Ice-Induced Vibrations and Effects of Ice Temperature ..... 9
Morten Bjerkås, Christian Lønøy and Arne Gürtner �@
Modeling Seasonal Variation of Sea Ice in Prydz Bay, Antarctica ..... 15
Qun Li, Huiding Wu and Lu Zhang �@

Advanced Continuum Modeling to Determine Pipeline Strain Demand Due to Ice-Gouging

..... 22
S. P. Lele, J. M. Hamilton, M. Panico and H. Arslan �@
A CFD Approach to Modeling Wave-Current Interaction ..... 29
D. Markus, M. Hojjat, R. Wüchner and K.-U. Bletzinger �@
Effects of Passive and Active Heave Compensators on Deepwater Lifting Operation ..... 33
Bo Woo Nam, Sa Young Hong, Young Shik Kim and Jong Wook Kim �@
CFD Simulation of Directional Short-Crested Waves on Jack-up Structure ..... 38
Hamn-Ching Chen �@
Numerical and Experimental Modeling of Regular Wave Interacting with Composite Breakwater ..... 46
E. Didier, R. Martins and M. G. Neves �@
Jetting Effect of Jackup on Actively Punching Through Overlaid Sand Layer ..... 55
Menglan Duan, Jun Zhao, Jianjun Wang and Linsong Song �@
Full-Scale Tests of Axial Friction on Pipelines in Rock Berms ..... 63
Gudmund Eiksund, Hans Langø and Frode Hove �@
A Tentative Friction Coefficient for Perforated Breakwaters ..... 69
Omid Nejadkazem and Ahmad Reza Mostafa Gharabaghi �@ �@
RANS Computation of Propeller Tip Vortex Flow ..... 73
Wei Qiu, Heather Peng, Shaoyu Ni, Lei Liu, Shafiul Mintu, David Hally and Chao-Tsung Hsiao �@ �@