International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 16, No. 1 March 2006


Table of Contents


Mathematical Modeling of Shock Loading of a Solid Ice Cover ..... 1
Victor M. Kozin and Alexandra V. Pogorelova
Dissociation Behavior of Hydrate Core Sample Using Thermodynamic Inhibitor ..... 5

T. Kawamura, Y. Sakamoto, M. Ohtake, Y. Yamamoto, H. Haneda, J.-H. Yoon and T. Komai

Ship Motion Analyses in Compact Wave Basin with Absorbing Wave-maker ..... 10

Shigeru Naito, Munehiko Minoura, Munenobu Takeda and Etsuro Okuyama

A Constitutive Equation for Fluid-particle Flow Simulation ..... 18

Francesco Lalli, Pier Giorgio Esposito and Roberto Verzicco

Nonlinear Time-domain Simulation of Pneumatic Floating Breakwater ..... 25
Weoncheol Koo, M. H. Kim, D. H. Lee and S. Y. Hong
Riser Interference and VIV Amplification in Tandem Configuration ..... 33

E. Fontaine, J. P. Morel, Y. M. Scolan and T. Rippol

Commissioning 8000 km of Subsea Pipelines ..... 41
Christian Falck and Jarleiv Maribu
Fire-Risk Modelling of Machinery Space: An Application of Approximate Reasoning Approach (Fuzzy Averaging Method) in Passenger Ship Engine Room ..... 48

S. W. Kim, A. Wall, J. Wang and Y. S. Kwon

Cyclic Threshold Shear Strains of Sands Based on Pore Water Pressure Buildup and Variation of Deformation Characteristics ..... 57
Dong-Soo Kim and Yun Wook Choo
Centrifuge Model Test of Groundwater Pollution Due to Construction of Pile Foundations in Waste Disposal Site ..... 65
Binod L. Amatya, Jiro Takemura, Osamu Kusakabe and M. Ruhul Amin Khan
Application of Flat DMT and ANN to Korean Soft Clay Deposits for Reliable Estimation of Undrained Shear Strength ..... 73
Wi Yong Byeon, Seung Rae Lee and Y. S. Kim