International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 6, No. 2, June 1996


Table of Contents


Major Onshore and Offshore Projects in Osaka Bay Area

..... 81
T. Matsui

Influence of Model Choice on the Calculated Reliability of a Single Pile

..... 91
W.T. Lai, G. Singh and B.M. Das

The Axial Loading of Foundations Embedded in Frozen Soils

..... 96
A.P.S. Selvadurai and J. Hu

Nonlinear Diffraction Effects Around a Surface-Piercing Structure

..... 104
F. Lalli, A. Di Mascio and M. Landrini

A New Stochastic Approach for Estimating Extreme Statistics of Slow Drift Motion of Moored Floating Structures

..... 112
Shunji Kato and Takashi Okasaki

Wave Forces on Horizontal Cylinders at Low Keulegan-Carpenter and Reynolds Numbers

..... 124
Wataru Koterayama and Changhong Hu

On Frequency-Focusing Unidirectional Waves

..... 131
John R. Chaplin

Modelling of Nonsimultaneous Ice Crushing as a Poisson Random Process

..... 138
Pentti Kujala

Abrasion Depth Distribution of a Cylindrical Concrete Structure Due to Sea Ice Movement

..... 144
Yoshishige Itoh, Yoshihiro Tanaka, Alberto Delgado and Hiroshi Saeki

Underwater Ambient Noise as Indicator of the Dynamic Processes in the Arctic Sea Ice Cover

..... 152
V.P. Gavrilo and Z.M. Gudkovich