International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 5, No. 2, June 1995


Table of Contents


A Review on Vibrations of Marine Pipelines

..... 81
B.M. Sumer and J. Freds´┐Że

Analytical and Experimental Studies of the Helical Magnetohydrodynamic Thruster Design

..... 91
J.B. Gilbert II and T.F. Lin

Oceanographic Measurements for the Tube-Tunnel Crossing of the Bosphorus

..... 98
Adnan Akyarli and Yalcin Arisoy

A Flexible Vertical Sheet in Waves

..... 105
Michael H. Meylan

The Computation of Second-Order Mean and Double-Frequency Wave Loads on a Compliant TLP by HOBEM

..... 111
Y.H. Liu, M.H. Kim and C.H. Kim

3-D Time Domain Numerical Model for the Prediction of Ship Motions in Random Seas

..... 120
D.X. Zhu and M. Katory

Spreading of Crude Petroleum in Brash Ice: Effects of Oil's Physical Properties and Water Current

..... 127

Mohamed Sayed, Luba S. Kotlyar and Bryan D. Sparks

Stability Studies on Cellular-Walled Circular Cylindrical Shells. Part II - Measured Behaviour of Model Shells ..... 134
R.D. Zou, C.G. Foster and E. Melerski

Detection of Weld Defects by Computer-Aided X-Ray Radiography Image Processing

..... 142

Yasuo Suga, Kouichiro Kojima and Tetsuro Tominaga

Optimization of Crack Length Measurement by DCPD in DCB Specimens

..... 147

Jian Yu, Jeremy C. Barker and Ray Brook

Characteristics of Locked Coil Strands Under Free Bending ..... 153
Mohammed Raoof