International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 3, No. 2, June 1993


Table of Contents


Unsteady Flow About Bluff Cylinders ..... 81
Ronald W. Yeung, Sergio H. Sphaier and M. Vaidhyanathan

The Introduction of the Characteristic Groups in Random Wave Fields

..... 93
L. Rebaudengo Lando, G. Scarsi and A.C. Taramasso
The Computation of Mean Drift Forces and Wave Run-up by Higher-Order Boundary Element Method ..... 101
Y.H. Liu, C.H. Kim and M.H. Kim
Wave-Current and Fluid-Structure Interaction Effects on the Stochastic Analysis of Offshore Structures ..... 107
H. Karadeniz

Effect of Wave Short-Crestedness for Pipelines

..... 115
R.L.P. Verley
Tube Collapse Under Combined Pressure, Tension and Bending Loads ..... 121
Yong Bai, Ragnar Igland and Torgeir Moan
Combined Creep and Yield Model of Ice Under Multiaxial Stress ..... 130
Anatoly M. Fish

Stresses and Forces Under Ice Compacting

..... 139
V.A. Nikitin and S.A. Kolesov
Fatigue, Internal Stresses and Deformations of Electrical Umbilicals: Analytical Work ..... 143
A.O. Waloen, J.T. Benjaminsen, N. Brown, S. Due-Andresen and M. Stafford

Fatigue, Internal Stresses and Deformation of Electrical Umbilicals: Experimental Work

..... 150
J.T. Benjaminsen, N. Brown, S. Due-Andresen, M. Stafford and A.O. Waloen
Static and Dynamic Response of a Pile ..... 156
V.K. Puri and Braja M. Das