International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 1, No. 2, June 1991


Table of Contents


On Some Uncertainties in the Modelling of Ocean Waves and Their Effects on TLP Response ..... 87
Sverre Haver and Birger Natvig

Variability of Plunging Wave Pressures on Vertical Cylinders

..... 94
Eng-Soon Chan, Boon-Cheng Tan, and Hin-Fatt Cheong
Radiation and Diffraction Forces Acting on an Offshore-Structure Model in a Towing Tank ..... 101
Masashi Kashiwagi
On Measurements of the Water-Particle Velocity under Breaking Waves over Horizontal Step in a Laboratory Tank ..... 108
Takeo Nakagawa

Numerical Simulation of Morison Coefficient Estimation

..... 115
Michael Isaacson and John Baldwin
Biplane Axial Turbine for Wave Power Generator ..... 122
K. Kaneko, T. Setoguchi, H. Hamakawa, and M. Inoue
Instability Characteristics of the Flow through the Gibrartar Straits ..... 129
George S. Triantafyllou

Denting Analysis of Ring Stiffened Cylindrical Shells

..... 137
M.S. Hoo Fatt and Thomasz Wierzbicki
The Analysis of Wave Induced Dynamics of Ocean Platforms by Hybrid Integral- Equation Method ..... 146
T. Matsui and K. Kato
The Shape-Effect of Buffer on the Longitudinal Vibration of a Pipe-String in the Deep Sea ..... 154
K. Aso, K. Kan, H. Doki and M. Mori

Dynamic Behaviour of Submerged Tension-Moored Floating Structure with Pressurized Air-Chamber and Wave Transformation

..... 161
K. Iwata and D.-S. Kim
Estimation of Low-Frequency Motion Damping and Response of a Deep-Draught Floater in Waves ..... 164
R.G. Standing