International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 26, No. 2 June 2016


Table of Contents


Prospects of Floating Wind Energy ..... 81
Mareike Strach-Sonsalla and Michael Muskulus
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.jcr46 �@ �@
Operability Analysis of Monopile Lowering Operation Using Different Numerical Approaches ..... 88
Lin Li, Zhen Gao and Torgeir Moan
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.jdsr04 �@ �@
Methods for Analysing Wave Slamming Loads on Truss Structures Used in Offshore Wind Applications Based on Experimental Data ..... 100
Jithin Jose, Olga Podrazka, Charlotte Obhrai, Ove Tobias Gudmestad and Witold Cieslikiewicz �@ �@
Monopod Bucket Foundations Under Cyclic Lateral Loading ..... 109
Aligi Foglia and Lars Bo Ibsen �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.jcr48 �@ �@
Bucket Foundation Response Under Various Displacement Rates ..... 116
Evelina Vaitkunaite, Benjaminn N. Nielsen and Lars B. Ibsen
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.jcr47 �@ �@
Experimental Study of Floating Offshore Platform in Combined Wind/Wave/Current Environment ..... 125
Wen-Yang Hsu, Ray-Yeng Yang, Fang-Nan Chang, Hua-Tung Wu and Hsin-Hung Chen
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.mmr13 �@ �@
Control Strategy for a Ventilated Supercavitating Vehicle in Initial Phase ..... 132
Seonhong Kim and Nakwan Kim
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.mk47 �@ �@
Sloshing Risk Reduction in Membrane Tanks of FLNG by Interchanging Liquid Cargo Between Tanks ..... 139
Makoto Arai and Masaru Matsuo
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.jc653 �@ �@
Investigation of Finite Water Depth Sloshing in a Tank in the Presence of Slat Screens Using Model Test and CFD ..... 146
Reza Firoozkoohi, Odd Magnus Faltinsen and Tufan Arslan
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.ak13 �@ �@
Computationally Efficient Tsunami Modeling on Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) ..... 154
Reza Amouzgar, Qiuhua Liang, Peter J. Clarke, Tomohiro Yasuda and Hajime Mase �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.ak10 �@ �@
URANS Simulations of Complex Flows Around a Ship Entering a Lock with Different Speeds ..... 161
Qingjie Meng and Decheng Wan �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.mk45 �@ �@
CO2 Hydrate Conversion from Microscopic Ice Powder Under Low Pressure and Low Temperature ..... 169
Shinichiro Hirabayashi, Yoshitaka Yamamoto, Motoki Takeuchi, Atsushi Murata, Tomoya Tsuji and Taro Kawamura �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.jc645 �@ �@
A Dynamic Forbidden Sector Skipping Strategy in Thrust Allocation for Marine Vessels ..... 175
Shengwen Xu, Xuefeng Wang, Lei Wang and Bo Li �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.jc662 �@ �@
Effect of Shear Stresses on the Ultimate Strength of the Hull Girder of a Containership ..... 183
Marco Gaiotti, Masahiko Fujikubo, Nicola Grasso and Cesare Mario Rizzo �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.jc649 �@ �@
Integrated Management Strategies Analysis of Marine Disaster Risk in China ..... 192
Xueqin Liu, Wenqi Shi, Shuai Yuan, Ning Xu, Weibin Chen, Jidong Wu and Ning Li �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.jc639 �@ �@
Fault Control of Gas Hydrate Accumulation in Qilian Mountain Permafrost ..... 199
Zhengquan Lu, Gangyi Zhai, Youhai Zhu, Yongqing Zhang, Yonghong Li, Weichao Wang, Ting Wang, Hui Liu, Shiqi Tang and Panpan Tan �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2016.jc658 �@ �@

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