International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 24, No. 2 June 2014


Table of Contents


Radiation-Problem Solutions Using a Time-Domain Iterative HOBEM ..... 81
Guanghua He and Masashi Kashiwagi
Experimental Investigation Into the Flow Around a Stationary and Yawed Cylinder Under Asymmetrical End Conditions ..... 90
Guilherme R. Franzini, Rodolfo T. Gonçalves, Julio R. Meneghini and André L.C. Fujarra
On Step Approximation of Water-Wave Scattering over Steep or Undulated Slope ..... 98
Chia-Cheng Tsai, Yueh-Ting Lin and Tai-Wen Hsu
Parallel Finite Element Method for 3D Lid-driven Cubic Cavity Flows ..... 106
Jifei Wang and Decheng Wan
Violent Free Surface Flow Simulations by a Coupled Level-Set and Volume-of-Fluid Method in Overset Grid Systems ..... 114
Yucheng Zhao and Hamn-Ching Chen
Dynamic Coupling Between Ship Motion and Three-Layer-Liquid Separator by Using Moving Particle Simulation ..... 122
Kyung Sung Kim, Moo Hyun Kim and Jong-Chun Park
Characteristics of Acoustic Channel with Time-evolving Regular Surface ..... 129
Youngmin Choo, Woojae Seong, Keunhwa Lee and Wooyoung Hong
Normalized Correlation Model for Horizontal Consolidation Analysis Using Piezocone Dissipation Test Results ..... 135
Kyungbum Seo and Junhwan Lee
Development of an Experimental Methodology for a Self-Propulsion Test with a Marine Diesel Engine Simulator and a Controllable Pitch Propeller ..... 142
Katsuji Tanizawa, Yasusi Kitagawa, Kohichi Hirata and Masaki Fukazawa
A Numerical Study of Hydrogen Diffusion in a Part-size Sleeve-on-Pipe Mock-up Exposed to Two Different Levels of Post Weld Heat Treatment ..... 149
Dag Lindholm, Hallvard G. Fjær and Neil Woodward