International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 21, No. 2 June 2011


Table of Contents


Mechanical Properties Between Ice and Various Materials Used in Hydraulic Structures: The Jin S. Chung Award Lecture, 2010

.....  81

Hiroshi Saeki

An Ice-Ocean Forecasting System for Eastern Canadian Waters ..... 91

Charles Tang and Ewa Dunlap

Thermal Properties of Wet and Flooded Snow on Sea Ice ..... 97

Shinsuke Kojima, Kazuki Nakamura, Kazuhiro Naoki and Hiroyuki Enomoto

An Eulerian Scheme with Lagrangian Particles for Evaluation of Seakeeping Performance of Ship in Nonlinear Wave

..... 103

Suandar Baso, Hidemi Mutsuda, Takehiro Kurihara, Takayuki Kurokawa, Yasuaki Doi and Jiangang Shi

Numerical Study on Difference-Frequency-Induced Parametric Roll Occurrence ..... 111

Taeyoung Kim and Yonghwan Kim

Influence of Reflecting Boundaries on Waves in a Harbor ..... 121
Sung-Shan Hsiao, Hui-Ming Fang and Yun-Chih Chiang
Constraint-Based Assessment of CTOD Toughness Requirement for High-Strain Line Pipe ..... 129

Fumiyoshi Minami, Yasuhito Takashima and Mitsuru Ohata

Influential Factors Affecting Inherent Deformation During Plate Forming by Line Heating (Report5)—The Effect of Water Cooling ..... 141

Adan Vega, Masashi Nawafune, Yoshihiko Tango, Morinobu Ishiyama, Sherif Rashed and

Hidekazu Murakawa

Effects of Confining Pressure on Mechanical Properties of Artificial Methane-Hydrate-Bearing Sediment in Triaxial Compression Test ..... 148
Kuniyuki Miyazaki, NorioTenma, KazuoAoki, Yasuhide Sakamoto and TsutomuYamaguchi
Dynamic and Structural Modeling of a Floating Wind Turbine ..... 155

Kourosh Shoele, Ian Prowell, QiangZhu and Ahmed Elgamal