International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 16, No. 2 June 2006


Table of Contents


Wave Generation and Absorption in Wave Basins: Theory and Application ..... 81
Shigeru Naito
Control of Vortex Shedding Around a Pipe Section Using a Porous Sheath ..... 90

Charles-Henri Bruneau and Iraj Mortazavi

Wavelet and Local Directional Analysis of Ocean Waves ..... 97

Harald E. Krogstad, Anne Karin Magnusson and Mark A. Donelan

Sensitivity Study on Computational Parameters for Prediction of Slosh-induced Impact Pressure ..... 104

Yonghwan Kim, Yung-Bum Lee, Yong-Soo Kim and Jungmoo Lee

Effect of Bow Flare Shape on Water Impact Pressure ..... 112
Yoshitaka Ogawa, Ryoju Matsunami and Makoto Arai

Metallurgical Design of Steel Plates with Advanced Cryogenic Properties for Fabrication of Pressurized-LNG Containers

..... 118

R. Ayer, J. Y. Koo, N. V. Bangaru, A. M. Farah and S. J. Ford

Root Bead Profiles in Hyperbaric GTAW of X70 Pipeline ..... 123

Odd M. Akselsen, Ansgar Hårsvær, Hans Fostervoll and Ragnhild Aune

Thermodynamic Analysis of Inclusion Formation for Weld Microstructure Control ..... 128

Yu-ichi Komizo and Taiji Nishizawa

Applied Positioning-controlled Friction Welding Process of Aluminum Alloy ..... 132

Takeshi Shinoda, Kazutoshi Ishikawa and Hiroaki Takegami

Reliability Calculation of RC Offshore Structures Under Extreme Wave Loading ..... 138

H. Karadeniz

Ultrasonic Effects on Water Flow Through Porous Media ..... 146

Jeehyeong Khim, Seungmin Na, Sung-Jae Yang and Young Uk Kim

Dynamic Behavior Characteristics of Clay in Wide Strain Range Based on Viscoelastic-viscoplastic Constitutive Model

..... 153
Yong Seong Kim