International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 15, No. 2 June 2005


Table of Contents


Biology-inspired Precision Maneuvering of Underwater Vehicles—Part 3 ..... 81
Naomi Kato, Hao Liu and Hirohisa Morikawa
Underwater Navigation System Based on Inertial Sensor and Doppler Velocity Log Using Indirect Feedback Kalman Filter ..... 88
Chong-Moo Lee, Pan-Mook Lee, Seok-Won Hong, Sea-Moon Kim and Woojae Seong
Run-up and Wave Forces on an Array of Vertical Circular Cylinders:Experimental Study on Second-Order Near Trapping ..... 96
Giorgio Contento, Fabrizio D�fEste, Mauro Sicchiero, Riccardo Codiglia and Marco Calzà
A Study on Mathieu-type Instability of Conventional Spar Platform in Regular Waves ..... 104
Jun B. Rho, Hang S. Choi, Hyun S. Shin and In K. Park
Roll Motion of Ro-Ro Passenger Ship with Flooded Vehicle Deck ..... 109
Toshifumi Fujiwara and Tomihiro Haraguchi
A Study of Difficulties of Entering and Departing Harbours Due to Wave-induced Ship Motions ..... 117
Kenji Sasa, Masayoshi Kubo, Toshihiko Nagai, Haruo Yoneyama and Satoru Shiraishi
An Operational Model of Iceberg Drift ..... 125
Ivana Kubat, Mohamed Sayed, Stuart B. Savage and Tom Carrieres
On Assessing the Accuracy of Offshore Wind Turbine Reliability-based Design Loads from the Environmental Contour Method ..... 132
Korn Saranyasoontorn and Lance Manuel
Reliability-based Optimization and Optimal Reliability Level of Offshore Wind Turbines ..... 141
John Dalsgaard Sørensen and Niels Jacob Tarp-Johansen
Collapse Mechanism of the Buffer Bow Structure on Axial Crushing ..... 147
Yasuhira Yamada and Hisayoshi Endo
Transition of Soil Strength During Suction Pile Retrieval in Sand ..... 155
S. Bang, K. Jones and Y. Cho
Correction ..... 160