International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 14, No. 2, June 2004


Table of Contents


Wave Scattering by a Circular Elastic Plate in Water of Finite Depth:A Closed Form Solution ..... 81

Malte A. Peter, Michael H. Meylan and Hyuck Chung

Wave-current Interaction in Shallow Flows ..... 86
Francesco Lalli and Piero Bassanini
Simulation of Wave Transformation in Vertical Permeable Structure ..... 89
Mohammed F. Karim, Katsutoshi Tanimoto and Phung D. Hieu
Experimental Optimization of Perforated Structures in Presence of Ship-generated Waves ..... 98
A. Panizzo, P. De Girolamo and R. Piscopia
Slender-body Approximations of Hydrodynamic Forces for Spar Platforms ..... 104
Iftekhar Anam and José M. Roësset

A Numerical Simulation Scheme for Dynamics of Flexible Riser and Its Validation by Forced Oscillation Experiments

..... 110
Y. P. Hong and Wataru Koterayama
Numerical Simulations of Cable/seabed Interaction ..... 118
Caroline Gatti-Bono and N. C. Perkins
Strength Criteria and Analytic Predictions of Failure Pressure in Line Pipes ..... 125
Xian-Kui Zhu and Brian N. Leis

Effects of Cooling Rate and Isothermal Holding on Precipitation Behavior During Solidification of Nb-Ti Bearing HSLA Steels

..... 132
Hyun Jo Jun, C. G. Park and K. B. Kang
Theoretical Prediction of Welding Distortion Considering Positioning and Gap Between Parts ..... 138
Dean Deng, Hidekazu Murakawa and Yukio Ueda
Penetration Control by Monitoring Molten Pool Oscillation in TIG Arc Welding ..... 145
Jianbin Ju, Yasuo Suga and Koichi Ogawa
Consolidation Process of Geotextile Tube Filled with Fine-grained Materials ..... 150
Eun Chul Shin and Young In Oh