International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 3, No. 4, December 1993


Table of Contents


Review of Hydrodynamic Challenges in TLP Design ..... 241
B.J. Natvig and P. Teigen

Analytical and Experimental Studies of the Cyclic Magnetohydrodynamic Thruster Design

..... 250
T.F. Lin, D.L. Aumiller Jr., J.B. Gilbert II and M.J. Coslo
A Re-Evaluation of Cobalt-Rich Crust Abundance on the Pacific Seamounts ..... 258
Tetsuo Yamazaki
Second-Order Wave Radiation of Three-Dimensional Bodies by Time-Domain Method ..... 264
Michael Isaacson, Joseph Y.T. Ng and Kwok Fai Cheung

Time Variant Wave Drift Damping and Its Effect on the Response Statistics of Moored Offshore Structures

..... 273
John M. Johnsen and Arvid Naess
Flow-Induced Moment and Lift for a Circular Cylinder with Cable Attachment ..... 280
Jin S. Chung and Arthur K. Whitney
Reliability Analysis of Flexible Riser Systems ..... 288
B.J. Leira, A.N. Olufsen and G. Jiao

A Hybrid Axial-Torsional Finite Element for Flexible Risers

..... 299
Rafik Boubenider, John L. Tassoulas and Jose M. Roesset
Laboratory Experiments of Oil Spreading in Brash Ice ..... 306
Mohamed Sayed and Sveinung Loset
Ice Loading on a Multifaceted Conical Structure ..... 313
M.B. Irani and G.W. Timco

A Model for the Motion and Bending of an Ice Floe in Ocean Waves

..... 322
Michael Meyland and Vernon A. Squire
Experimental Studies of Thermal Stresses in the Ice ..... 324
V.N. Smirnov and K.K. Sukhorukov
Lagrangian Discrete Parcel Simulation of River Ice Dynamics ..... 328
Hung Tao Shen, Yi-Ching Chen, Akio Wake and Randy D. Crissman