International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 2, No. 4, December 1992


Table of Contents


Offshore Production Systems for Ultra-Deep Water in the Gulf of Mexico - Part I: Well Systems ..... 241
Hin Chiu

High Frequency Hydrodynamic Coefficients of a Vertical Cylinder

..... 251
Michael Isaacson and Thomas Mathai
On a Horizontal Cylinder Resting on a Sand Bed Under Waves and Currents ..... 262
Peter K. Stansby and Paul Starr
On the Fluid Dynamics of Elliptic Cylinders ..... 267
V.J. Modi, E. Wiland, A.K. Dikshit and T. Yokomizo

Reliability Analysis of Tension Leg Platforms by Domain Crossing Approach

..... 281
Woo-Sun Park, Chung-Bang Yun and Chong-Kun Pyun
Assessment of Dynamic Coupled Bending-Axial Effects for Two-Dimensional Deep-Ocean Pipes by the Discrete Element Method ..... 289
G.G.W. Mustoe, H-P. Huttelmaier and J.S. Chung
Effect of Voltage Polarity on Icicles Grown on Line Insulators ..... 297
M. Farzaneh and J.-L. Laforte

Hydraulic Fracture Tests in Heavily Overconsolidated Clay to Determine Conductor Setting Depths

..... 303
N.D. Wright and M. Tan
Effects of Vibration Absorbers on the Longitudinal Vibration of a Pipe String in the Deep Sea - Part I: In Case of Mining Cobalt Crust ..... 309
K. Aso, K. Kan, H. Doki and K. Iwato

Hydraulic Conductivity of Loose Coarse Sand

..... 318
R.M. Smith, B.M. Das, V.K. Puri, S.C. Yen and E.E. Cook