International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 1, No. 4, December 1991


Table of Contents


Loading on a Horizontal Cylinder in Irregular Waves at Large Scale ..... 247
J.R. Chaplin

Force Coefficient Estimation from Random Wave Data

..... 255
M. Isaacson, K. Subbiah and J. Baldwin
Stochastic Linearization Method for Prediction of Extreme Response of Offshore Structures ..... 264
A. Naess, F. Galeazzi and M. Dogliani
Decomposition of Low-Frequency Hydrodynamic Forces Acting on a Floating Vessel Moored in Ocean Waves ..... 270
Takeshi Kinoshita

Hydrodynamic Forces Acting on a Horizontal Circular Cylinder with an Inclined Angle to the Wave Crest in Regular Waves

..... 279
Koji Otsuka and Yoshiho Ikeda
The Influence of Prebuckling Deformations and Stresses on the Buckling of Spherical Shell ..... 284
Pei-lin Luo, Hong-wu Luo and Fu-shang Tong
Effect of Fluid Force Acting on the Colliding Body upon the Elastic-Plastic Response of an Offshore Structure ..... 293
Yukio Ueda, Hidekazu Murakawa and Dianxiang Xiang

Three-Dimensional Analysis of a Marine Riser with Large Displacements

..... 300
T. Huang and Q.L. Kang
Three-Dimensional Hydroelastic Response of a Very Large Floating Structure ..... 307
Dayun Wang, H. Roand Riggs and R. Cengiz Ertekin

Elastic Static Analysis of Chain Links in Tension and Bending

..... 317
V.J. Papazoglou, G.M. Katsaounis and J.D. Papaioannou
Improvement of Shear Capacity of Composite Structures ..... 324
S.S. Gowda and P. Hassinen