International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 29, No. 4 December 2019


Table of Contents


Physical and Mechanical Characteristics of Sea Ice in the Kara and Laptev Seas ..... 369
Sergey M. Kovalev, Victor N. Smirnov, Vladimir A. Borodkin, Aleksandr I. Shushlebin, Nikolay V. Kolabutin, Konstantin Alexandrovich Kornishin, Yaroslav Olegovich Efimov, Petr Alexandrovich Tarasov and Dmitry Alexandrovich Volodin
doi:10.17736/ijope.2019.jc767 �@ �@
Morphometry and Mass of Icebergs in the Russian Arctic Seas ..... 375
Ruslan I. May, Roman B. Guzenko, Yevgeniy U. Mironov, Aleksey K. Naumov, Andrey A. Skutin, Elena A. Skutina, Dmitriy I. Sobotuk, Georgy A. Zamarin, Konstantin A. Kornishin, Yaroslav O. Efimov and Teymur E. Mamedov
doi:10.17736/ijope.2019.jc770 �@ �@
Morphometric Parameters of Stamukhas in the Laptev Sea ..... 383
Yevgeny U. Mironov, Roman B. Guzenko, Viktor S. Porubaev, Victor V. Kharitonov, Stepan V. Khotchenkov, Aleksandr V. Nesterov, Konstantin A. Kornishin and Yaroslav O. Efimov �@ �@
The Preliminary Results of Iceberg Drift Studies in the Russian Arctic Throughout 2012–2017 ..... 391
Igor V. Buzin, Alexandr V. Nesterov, Yuri P. Gudoshnikov, Alexandr A. Pashali, Konstantin A. Kornishin, Yaroslav O. Efimov and Dmitry S. Stragnikov �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2019.jc772 �@ �@
Iceberg Towing Experiments in the Barents and Kara Seas in 2016–2017 ..... 400
Konstantin A. Kornishin, Yaroslav O. Efimov, Yury P. Gudoshnikov, Petr A. Tarasov, Alexey V. Chernov, Ivan A. Svistunov, Polina V. Maksimova, Igor V. Buzin and Alexander V. Nesterov
doi:10.17736/ijope.2019.jc768 �@ �@
Iceberg Towing in Newly Formed Ice ..... 408
Yaroslav O. Efimov, Konstantin A. Kornishin, Oleg Y. Sochnev, Yury P. Gudoshnikov, Alexander V. Nesterov, Ivan A. Svistunov, Polina V. Maksimova and Igor V. Buzin
doi:10.17736/ijope.2019.jc769 �@ �@
Assessing the Indirect Economic Losses of Sea Ice Disasters: An Adaptive Regional Input-Output Modeling Approach ..... 415
Xueqin Liu, Shuai Yuan, Zhenhua Chen, Lina Song, Yuxian Ma, Cailin Wang and Jidong Wu
doi:10.17736/ijope.2019.ik04 �@ �@
Use of Bayesian Network for Risk-Based Fatigue Integrity Assessment: Application for Topside Piping in an Arctic Environment ..... 421
Arvind Keprate and R. M. Chandima Ratnayake
doi:10.17736/ijope.2019.bn19 �@ �@
Numerical and Experimental Study of a Horizontal Cylinder-type Wave Energy Converter with Off-centered Axes of Rotation ..... 429
Haeng Sik Ko, Il-Hyoung Cho and Yoon Hyeok Bae
doi:10.17736/ijope.2019.jc747 �@ �@
Hydrodynamic Resonance of Three Identical Rectangular Boxes with Narrow Gaps by a CIP Method ..... 437
Guanghua He, Limin Chen, Jingwen Zhang and Xin Wang
doi:10.17736/ijope.2019.pf20 �@ �@
Aeration Effects on Hydrodynamic Loads of Circular Cylinder�fs High-speed Water Entry ..... 446
Yao Hong, Benlong Wang and Hua Liu �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2019.sh23 �@ �@
Tsunami Inundation Forecasting System Based on a Database: A Case Study in Owase, Japan ..... 452
Ardiansyah Fauzi and Norimi Mizutani �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2019.jc743 �@ �@
A Regression Analysis Result for Water Waves on Irrotational Flow over a Horizontal Bed ..... 461
JangRyong Shin �@ �@
Nonlinear Filtering for Estimating Flow Speed around a Vibrating Rigid Circular Cylinder ..... 467
Yoshiki Nishi, Yosuke Toyoda and Yoshihiro Moriya �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2019.jc756 �@ �@
Multidisciplinary Design Optimization of a Heavier-Than-Water Underwater Vehicle Using a Semi-Empirical Model ..... 474
Min Zhao, Qingqing Yuan, Tao Wang, Tong Ge and Weicheng Cui �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2019.mm21 �@ �@
Material Design of Hot-rolled Steel Coils for Heavy Wall X70 Spiral Linepipes ..... 485
Junji Shimamura, Shunsuke Toyoda and Satoshi Tsutsumi �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2019.hj30 �@ �@
Austenite Grain Growth Behavior after Recrystallization Considering Solute-Drag Effect and Pinning Effect ..... 494
Kenzo Tashima, Shinya Sakamoto and Takuya Hara �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2019.hj33 �@ �@
Analysis and Monitoring Methodology for Rolling Bearing Faults in the Hinge of a Soft Yoke Mooring System ..... 500
Yanlin Wang, Wenhua Wu, Zheliang Fan, Da Tang, Yu Du, Shanshan Sun and Qianjin Yue �@ �@
doi:10.17736/ijope.2019.sh28 �@ �@

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