International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 25, No. 4 December 2015


Table of Contents


Probabilistic Lateral Buckling Assessment ..... 241
Carlos Sicilia, Philip A. Cooper and Emilien Bonnet


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Whipping Investigations Based on Large-Scale Measurements and Experimental Fatigue Testing ..... 247
Adrian Kahl, Wolfgang Fricke, Hans Paetzold and Hubertus von Selle


�@ �@
Offshore In-Service Resistance of Double Joints Under Strain-Based Conditions ..... 255
Giorgio Melis, Andrea Fonzo, Jan Ferino, Hector Quintanilla, Israel Marines-Garcia, Philippe Darcis, Furio Marchesani and Luigino Vitali


�@ �@
Numerical Simulation of Brittle Crack Propagation and Arrest in Steels Considering Shear-Lip Formation ..... 263
Shuji Aihara, Kazuki Shibanuma and Tetsuya Namegawa


�@ �@
Onshore Pipeline High-Grade Steel for Challenge Utilization ..... 272
Jan Ferino, Andrea Fonzo, Massimo Di Biagio, Giuseppe Demofonti, Carlo Maria Spinelli and Spyros A. Karamanos


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Study of the Runout of Granular Columns with SPH Methods ..... 281
Xuzhen He and Dongfang Liang


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Experimental Investigation of Non-similarity Slamming Phenomena in Geometrically Similar Tanks ..... 288
Zhi-jun Wei and Qian-jin Yue


�@ �@
Geomechanical Characteristics of Gneiss in Antarctica Determined by Freeze–Thaw Tests ..... 299
YoungSeok Kim, Kiju Kim, Jangguen Lee, Bo-An Jang and Young Min Park


�@ �@
Robust Diving and Composite Path Tracking Control of an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle ..... 305
Spandan Roy, Sambhunath Nandy, Ranjit Ray, Siva Ram Krishna Vadali and Sankar Nath Shome


�@ �@
A Model for the Elastic Modulus of Hydrate-Bearing Sediments ..... 314
Xuhui Zhang, Lele Liu, Junbing Zhou, Xiaobing Lu, Shuyun Wang, Changling Liu and Yuguang Ye �@ �@


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