International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 24, No. 4 December 2014


Table of Contents


Numerical Confirmation of Cloaking Phenomenon on an Array of Floating Bodies and Reduction of Wave Drift Force ..... 241
Takahito Iida, Masashi Kashiwagi and Guanghua He
Boundary Layer Structure Under Wave-Mud Interactions ..... 247
Wen-Yang Hsu, Ray-Yeng Yang, Tian-Jian Hsu, Alec Torres-Freyermuth and Hwung-Hweng Hwung
Numerical Analysis of the Tsunami-Induced Drift Behavior of a Shipping Container and the Effectiveness of Its Countermeasure ..... 253
Tomoaki Nakamura, Norimi Mizutani and Koji Aoyama
Dynamic Responses of Immersing Tunnel Element During Freeboard Elimination ..... 262
Yue Song, Guoxing Huang, Yuguo Pei, Xianying Shi, Ningchuan Zhang and Liyang Lin
Sediment Transport Calculation Considering Unresolved Scales of Turbulence and Its Application to Scouring Due to Tsunami ..... 269
Tomoaki Nakamura and Norimi Mizutani
Residual Stresses in Welded Steels with Longitudinal Stiffeners Determined by Neutron and X-Ray Diffraction ..... 278
Jonas Hensel, Thomas Nitschke-Pagel, Klaus Dilger and Robert C. Wimpory
Development of YP460 Class Steel Plate with Excellent Brittle Crack Arrestability for Large Container Ships ..... 286
Yoshiaki Murakami, Yoshiko Takeuchi, Kazukuni Hase, Shigeru Endo, Takahiro Sakimoto and Tsunehisa Handa
Analytical Formulation for Line Pipe Bending Strain Capacity Evaluation Developed Through Experimental-Numerical Approach ..... 292
Jan Ferino, Andrea Fonzo, Riccardo Porta and Carlo Maria Spinelli
Macro- and Meso-Scale Parametric Analysis of Egg-shaped Yield Surface of Structural Soil ..... 301
Ri-qing Xu, Xing-chen Wang and Xue-ning Rong
Characteristics of Intermediate Soil with Low Plasticity from Incheon, Korea ..... 309
Wonjin Baek, Juhyun Kim, Hiroshi Matsuda, Ryohei Ishikura and Koouho Hwang �@ �@