International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 23, No. 4, December 2013


Table of Contents


Simulations of Breaking Wave Impacts on a Rigid Wall at Two Different Scales with a Two-Phase Fluid Compressible SPH Model ..... 241

Pierre-Michel Guilcher, Nicolas Couty, Laurent Brosset and David Le Touzé

Model-Scale Sloshing Tests for an Anti-Sloshing Blanket System ..... 254

Yonghwan Kim, Sang-Yeob Kim, Yangjun Ahn, Kyong-Hwan Kim, Sang-Eon Jeon, Yong-Suk Suh, Jong-Jin Park and Seung-Myun Hwangbo

RANS Computations of Added Resistance and Motions of a Ship in Head Waves ..... 263
Zhirong Shen and Decheng Wan
Measuring the Kuroshio Current Around Miyake Island, a Potential Site for Ocean-Current Power Generation ..... 272

Tsubasa Kodaira, Takuji Waseda, Tetsuji Nakagawa, Osamu Isoguchi and Yasumasa Miyazawa

Numerical Analysis of Acceleration of a Free-fall Lifeboat Using the MPS Method ..... 279

Kazuya Shibata, Seiichi Koshizuka, Mikio Sakai, Katsuji Tanizawa and Susumu Ota


Simulation of Wave Propagation over a Submerged Breakwater on a Sloped Bed by SPH Method

..... 286

Amin Mahmoudi, Habib Hakimzadeh and Mohammad Javad Ketabdari

Semi-Empirical Assessment of Long-Term High-Frequency Hull Girder Response of Containerships ..... 292

Helge Rathje, Adrian Kahl and Thomas E. Schellin

Full-scale Test of Uplift Resistance of Trenched Pipes ..... 298

Gudmund Eiksund, Hans Langø and Even Øiseth

Evaluating Self-Weight Consolidation for Dredged Soil Mixed with Coarse-Grained Soils

..... 307

Min Sun Lee and Kazuhiro Oda

Profiling In-Situ Stresses in Clays Using Penetrometer Test Results ..... 313

Junhwan Lee, Sunghwan Cho and Dongwook Kim