International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 21, No. 4, December 2011


Table of Contents


The Challenges of Deep-Water Arctic Development .....  241
Jed M. Hamilton
Short-Term Prediction of an Artificial Neural Network in an Oscillating Water Column .....  248
Wanan Sheng and Anthony Lewis
A Study on Coupling Effect Between Seakeeping and Sloshing for Membrane-Type LNG Carrier .....  256
Xin Wang and Makoto Arai
RANS Simulations of CALM Buoy in Regular and Irregular Seas Using SWENSE Method .....  264
C. Monroy, G. Ducrozet, F. Bonnefoy, A. Babarit, L. Gentaz and P. Ferrant
Generation of Arbitrary Wave Field in Arbitrarily Configured Wave Basin Composed of Element-absorbing Wavemakers ..... 272
Munehiko Minoura, Shigeru Naito, Toyoaki Muto and Etsuro Okuyama
Vortex-Induced Motion of Nonlinear Compliant Low Aspect Ratio Cylindrical Systems ..... 280
Brad Stappenbelt
Numerical Modeling for Gravel Beach Deformation Using 2-Way Method ..... 287
Kwang-Ho Lee, Norimi Mizutani, Do-Sam Kim and Kyu-Han Kim
Influence of Flow Patterns on Dissolved Oxygen in Hypoxic Ports of Eutrophicated Bay Assessed by Observation and Numerical Simulation ..... 294
Masayasu Irie, Shuzo Nishida and Keiji Nakatsuji
Optimization Design for Steel Catenary Riser with Fatigue Constraints ..... 302
He-zhen Yang, Hua-jun Li and Han-il Park

Consideration for On-Bottom Stability of Unburied Pipelines Using a Dynamic Fluid-Structure-Soil Simulation Program

..... 308
Yinghui Tian, Mark J. Cassidy and Bassem S. Youssef
Analysis of Stress-Strain Behavior and Constitutive Relation of Methane Hydrate-Bearing Sediments with Various Porosity ..... 316
Feng Yu, Yongchen Song, Yanghui Li, Weiguo Liu and Weihaur Lam
Behavior of Large-Diameter Rock-Socketed Piles Under Lateral Loads ..... 323
J.-J. Chen, J.-H. Wang, X. Ke and D.-S. Jeng
Reliability Index Update for Driven Piles Based on Bayesian Theory Using Pile Load Test Results ..... 330
Jae Hyun Park, Dongwook Kim and Choong-Ki Chung