International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 19, No. 4 December 2009


Table of Contents


LNG Tank Sloshing Assessment Methodology—The New Generation ..... 241
J. F. Kuo, R. B. Campbell, Z. Ding, S. M. Hoie, A. J. Rinehart, R. E. Sandström, T. W. Yung, M. N. Greer and M. A. Danaczko �@ �@
Reliability-based Methodology for Sloshing Assessment of Membrane LNG Vessels ..... 254
Eric Gervaise, Pierre-Emmanuel de Sèze and Stéphane Maillard
LNG Sloshing: Characteristics and Scaling Laws ..... 264
T.-W. Yung, Z. Ding, H. He and R. E. Sandström
Influence of DR Between Liquid and Gas on Sloshing Model Test Results ..... 271
S. Maillard and L. Brosset
Influence of Raised Invar Edges on Sloshing Impact Pressures ..... 280
H. He, J. F. Kuo, A. J. Rinehart and T. W. Yung
Simulation of Liquid Sloshing in Model LNG Tank Using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics ..... 286
Murray Rudman, Paul W. Cleary and Mahesh Prakash
Validation Studies of Panel-Free Method for Wave-Body Interaction Analysis ..... 295
Hongxuan (Heather) Peng, Wei Qiu and Don Spencer
Wave Impact Pressure Calculations by Improved SPH Methods ..... 300
Abbas Khayyer and Hitoshi Gotoh
A Hybrid LS and VOF Method for 3-D Simulation of Wave Breaking and Overtopping ..... 308
Xin Lv, Qingping Zou and Dominic Reeve
Dynamic Response of an Ice-Covered Fluid to a Submerged Impulsive Point Source ..... 317
Victor M. Kozin and Alexandra V. Pogorelova