International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 17, No. 4  December 2007


Table of Contents


New Computational Mechanics for Ships and Offshore Engineering From Construction Stage to Structural Collapse Stage

..... 241
Yukio Ueda
Water Wave Diffraction and the Spectral Response Surface Method ..... 254
Daniel A. G. Walker, Paul H. Taylor, Rodney Eatock Taylor, Peter S. Tromans and Jun Zang
Wave-current Interaction for Waves Propagating Against Currents ..... 259
Kwang-ho Lee and Norimi Mizutani
Boussinesq Cut-cell Model for Wave Scattering from Cylinder in Shallow Water ..... 266
Jun Zang, Dezhi Ning, Shuxue Liu, Qiuhua Liang, Paul H. Taylor, Rodney Eatock Taylor and Alistair G. L. Borthwick
Ice Model Tests of Caisson Platform in Shallow Water ..... 270
E. B. Karulin, M. M. Karulina and L. B. Blagovidov
Residual Stress Evaluation for Weldment of Structural Components Using Instrumented Indentation Technique ..... 276
Dongil Kwon, Jung-Suk Lee, Jea-Hwan Han, Kwang-Ho Kim, Raghavan Ayer, HyunWoo Jin and Jayoung Koo
Improved Collapse Resistance of UOE Line Pipe with Thermal Aging for Deepwater Applications ..... 280
E. Tsuru, H. Asahi and N. Ayukawa

Modeling of Anisotropy of TMCP and UOE Linepipes

..... 288
Ming Liu and Yong-Yi Wang
Fracture and Size Effects in Weakly Cemented Sand ..... 294
Tae Hoon Kim, Yong Moon and Yong Seong Kim
Effect of Chord Load on Ultimate Strength of CHS X-Joints ..... 301
G. J. van der Vegte, J. Wardenier and Y. Makino
Collapse Testing on Short Linepipe for Deepwater Applications ..... 309
Duane DeGeer, Kelly Piers, Chris Timms, Jueren Xie and Eiji Tsuru
Uplift Behavior of Under-reamed Anchors in Sandbed ..... 317
Soon Yong Jeong, Ho Young Choi and Seung Rae Lee