International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 16, No. 4 December 2006


Table of Contents


Fundamental Wavenumbers of Diffraction-radiation by a Ship That Advances Through Regular Waves in Finite Water Depth

..... 241
Francis Noblesse, Chi Yang, Rommel Espinosa and Rainald Löhner
Fast Multipole Method for Wave Diffraction/Radiation Problems and Its Applications to VLFS ..... 253
Tomoaki Utsunomiya and Eiichi Watanabe
Validation of a Numerical Code by a Particle Method for Violent Free-surface Problems ..... 261
Makoto Sueyoshi
Flow of Ice Through Converging Channels ..... 268
I. Kubat, M. Sayed, S. B. Savage and T. Carrieres
Estimations of Some Components of Ice Conditions in Northeastern Barents Sea ..... 274
Igor V. Buzin
Multigrid Technique for Numerical Simulations of Water Impact Phenomena ..... 283
Yoshiki Nishi, Changhong Hu and Masashi Kashiwagi
Prediction of Deepwater Oil Offloading Buoy Response and Experimental Validation ..... 290
Sangsoo Ryu, Arun S. Duggal, Caspar N. Heyl and Yonghui Liu

Numerical Analysis on 2-D Optimal Profile of Floating Device with OWC-type Wave Energy Converter

..... 297
Masami Suzuki, Toshiari Kuboki, Chuichi Arakawa and Shuichi Nagata
Ultimate Strength Formulation for Axially Loaded CHS Uniplanar T-joints ..... 305
G. J. van der Vegte and Y. Makino
Stress-strain Behavior of Remolded Clay from Intermediate Principal Stress Controlled Tests ..... 313
Tae-Hoon Kim and Kang-Il Lee
Discussion ..... 320