International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 15, No. 4 December 2005


Table of Contents


Comparison of Classical and Weakly-singular Representations of Free-surface Potential Flows ..... 241
Chi Yang, Rainald Löhner and Francis Noblesse
Gap Effect on Transversal Force Acting on Infinite Array of Cylinders at Low KC and �� ..... 249
Driss Nehari, Vincenzo Armenio and Francesco Ballio
A Dynamic Analysis of an Integrated Aircraft-Floating Structure-Water Interaction System Excited by the Impact of an Aircraft Landing ..... 257
J. T. Xing and J. Jin
Performance of Moored Floating Breakwaters ..... 264
Eva Loukogeorgaki and Demos C. Angelides
An Experimental and Numerical Study on Vortex-induced Vibrations of a Hanging Flexible Riser with Its Top in Irregular Motion ..... 274
Hidetaka Senga and Wataru Koterayama
Response of an Armoured Riser to Wave and Ice Actions and to Impacts from Ice Blocks ..... 282
Basile Bonnemaire
Numerical Methods to Predict Characteristics of Oscillating Water Column for Terminator-type Wave Energy Converter ..... 292
Masami Suzuki and Chuichi Arakawa
On the Bearing Capacity of Suction Bucket Foundation in Saturated Sand ..... 300
Xiaobing Lu, Chen Liu, Yihua Wang, Shuyun Wang and Zhongmin Shi
Influence of Sand Liquefaction on Self-burial of a Pipe Subject to Wave Action ..... 304
P. Y. Foray, D. Bonjean and H. Michallet
Uplift Capacity of Fixed Shallow Anchors Subjected to Vertical Loading in Rock ..... 312
Dae Hong Kim and Seung Rae Lee