International Journal of Offshore and Polar Engineering (IJOPE)


Vol. 12, No. 4, December 2002


Table of Contents


On the Contribution of Swell to Sea Surface Phenomena �|Part 2

..... 237
Hisashi Mitsuyasu and Yuichi Maeda �@

Limitation of 2nd-order Theories for Laboratory High Sea Waves and Forces on Structures

..... 243
Amitabh Kumar, Cheung Hun Kim and Jun Zou �@

Hydrodynamic Forces on Vertical Piggyback Cylinders in Regular Waves

..... 249
Shan Huang and Robert Olsen �@

Kinetics of Hydrate Formation from Nucleation Theory

..... 256
Bjørn Kvamme �@

Field Experiment of Ice Dome Spanning 20~30 Meters

..... 264
Tsutomu Kokawa �@

Design for Thermal Buckling of Åsgard Transport Gas Trunkline

..... 271
Per R. Nystrøm, Knut Tørnes, Jan S. Karlsen, Geir Endal and Erik Levold �@

The Upheaval Capacity of Pipelines in Jetted Clay Backfill

..... 280
M. F. Bransby, T. A. Newson and P. Brunning �@

Application of Fuzzy Sets Theory in Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Assessment

..... 288
Anatoly B. Zolotukhin and Ove T. Gudmestad �@

Direct Calculation Approach and Design Criteria for Wave Slamming of an FPSO Bow

..... 297
Ge Wang, Shaojie Tang and Yung Shin �@

SCFs and Fatigue Design of Multiplanar Tubular DT Joints

..... 305
Spyros A. Karamanos, Arie Romeijn and Jaap Wardenier �@

Field Validation of Soil Friction Transition During Suction Pile Installation

..... 311
Y. Cho, S. Bang, S. R. Karnoski and R. J. Taylor �@

INDEXED by Science Citation Index Expanded and Engineering Index, Inc.