Minutes of the 3rd NWT Workshop

and the 6th Group Meeting


Time : Thursday (June 1, 2000), 1:00pm

Place : West Ballroom A, Sheraton Hotel, Seattle, USA

The meeting was chaired by

K.Tanizawa (Ship Research Institute-Japan, The leader of ISOPE NWT group) and

A.H.Clement (Ecole Centrale de Nantes-France)


1. 3rd NWT Workshop

(1) Introduction of NWT group and Workshop

Tanizawa introduced the brief history of ISOPE NWT group and NWT Workshop.

(2)Proposed benchmark test cases.

Tanizawa introduced the proposed benchmark test cases at the previous workshop.

(3) Presentation of the benchmark test results

Tanizawa presented the topic and results of benchmark test,

"2D Wave Diffraction by a Fixed Lewis Form Body".

The contributors were (in alphabetic order):



2. NWT Group Meeting

(1) Prof. Grilli of Univ. Rhode Island was nominated and elected as the new leader of NWT group. The term of the leader is two years.

(2) Topic of the future benchmark test is proposed and discussed.

List of the proposed topics of NWT benchmark

Topic of numerical instabilities were mainly discussed by attendants and effects of smoothing & regriding, side-band instability and mathematical analysis of numerical stability are proposed as relative topics of numerical stability. Importance of stability in 3D NWT rather than 2D is emphasized.

The topic of next benchmark test will be announced by new leader.

The meeting adjourned at 3:00 pm.

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