Dear ISOPE NWT Colleague,


You Are Invited to Join


2nd Workshop of ISOPE Numerical Wave Tank group

The 9th Annual ISOPE-99 Brest Conference: May 30- June 4, Brest, France



Second Announcement of Benchmark Test



The Numerical Wave Tank group of the International Society for Offshore and Polar Engineering was initiated at the 5th ISOPE Conference in Hague (1995). This group is open freely to everybody interested in this topic.


At the 7th ISOPE Conference in Honolulu (1997), it was decided by the members of the group to begin a series of informal workshop meeting where computational benchmark cases will be defined and their results discussed and commented in a special session during the forthcoming ISOPE Conferences. A free access data bank will be created and enriched with the numerical results of the participants; this data bank will be accessible freely and permanently in a ftp site via Internet.


The first special NWT Workshop session was held with very good participation at the ISOPE-98 Montreal Conference and the second NWT Workshop session will be held in ISOPE-99 Brest Conference. The results, gathered and analyzed, will be presented by the NWT group leader, then openly discussed by all the present participants (contributing or not).


The topic of this second workshop is WAVE RADIATION from a moving body. In this test case, hydrodynamic force acts on a heaving wedge is considered. Pressure computation on the heaving wedge is the key point.


People interested in participating will find the instructions in the attached four pages PostScript file and PDF file. PDF file can be read by Adobe Acrobat Reader, freely obtained from   If both attached files can not be opened, please visit or contact me.


You can participate anonymously or not. You can participate to the computational benchmark even if you do not attend the Conference; simply send your result files as described in the instruction set, and they will be included in the data bank.


Deadline of data submission is 15 March 1999


After the first announcement, I received intention of contribution from three members. I appreciate receiving your intention of contribution in advance of the deadline.


I would like to thank you in advance and look forward to seeing you in Brest.


Katsuji TANIZAWA, leader of ISOPE Numerical Wave Tank group

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