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4th ISOPE Ocean Mining Symposium

Szczecin, Poland, September 23-27, 2001

The 4th ISOPE Ocean Mining Symposium and Workshop (ISOPE OMS-2001) is being organized by the ISOPE OMS-2001 International Organizing Committee (IOC), ISOPE Ocean Mining Working Group (OMWG) and Interoceanmetal (IOM) Joint Organization. It will be held in Szczecin, Poland. The 1st ISOPE OMS-95, 2nd OMS-97 and 3rd OMS-99 were successfully held in Tsukuba, Japan, Seoul, Korea, and Goa, India, respectively, with participation from 12 countries.

The purpose of the Symposium is to provide a timely international forum for researchers and engineers interested in ocean mining and technology and promote technical cooperation at an international level. We hope that this occasion will provide an excellent opportunity for researchers and engineers to discuss technical progress and cooperation.

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Call For Papers




Abstract Submission (2 copies)

November 30, 2000


Tentative Abstract Acceptance Notice

December 15, 2000

  Manuscript for Review

March 15, 2001

Prospective authors are invited to submit 2 copies of abstract in 300-400 words to: (a) one of IOC members, or (b) Dr. Jin S. Chung, ISOPE OMS–2001 International Organizing Committee (IOC), PO Box 189, Cupertino, California 95015-0189, USA (Fax 1-408-980-1787; E-mail, or (c) Dr. Valcana Stoyanova, Interoceanmetal Joint Organization, 9, Cyryla i Metodego 71-541 Szczecin, Poland (Fax +48-91-4539 399; E-mail The abstracts must include the full names, addresses and fax numbers of all author and co-authors. All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed, and the Symposium Proceedings will be available during the Symposium and later from ISOPE.

Topics of particular interest are

Progress in Ocean Mining Programs

Mining Systems and Technology

Exploration and Survey

Mining System and Control
Acoustic Sensors and Technique Hydraulic/Pneumatic Solid Transport
Survey, Bottom Sampler and Sampling Deep-Ocean Water for Fish Nutrition
Marine Mineralogy and Geology Dynamics and Simulation
Miner/Collector and Geotechnics


Underwater Data Transmission
Deep Seabed Large-Scale Experiments Innovative Concepts and Methods
Environment Monitoring from Ocean Test
Environmental Impact

Mineral Processing

Deep-Ocean Environment Workshop Mineral Processing

Spin-offs of Deep-Ocean Mining Research

Initial Members of the Organizing Committee (IOC) (with Fax No.):

Prof. Jin S. Chung (ISOPE, California, USA, 1-4-8-980-1787), Director (KADOM/KORES, Korea, +82-2-833-0566), Dr. Sup Hong (KRISO, Korea, +82-42-868-7519), Dr. R.P. Das (Regional Research Lab., India, +91-674-581750); Dr. R. Kotlinski and Dr. Valcana Stoyanova (IOM, Szczecin, Poland, Fax +48-91-4539 399); ir. Michel Olagnon (Ifremer, France, +33-298-224650), Dr. Koji Otsuka (Osaka Prefecture Univ, Japan, +81-722-59-3340); Dr G. Schriever (BioLab, Germany, +49-4871-530), Dr. R. Sharma (NIO, India, +91-832-223340), Dr. Akira Usui (GSJ, Japan, +81-298-61-3589), Dr. T. Yamazaki (NIRE, Japan, +81-298-61-8709), Dr. Ning Yang (CRIMM, China, +86-731-882-5696).

Sponsor Society: International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE) and Interoceanmetal Joint Organization (IOM), Szczecin, Poland: visit or

Cooperating Organizations: ISOPE; IOM (Poland), KCORE (Korea), KADOM (Korea), MMIJ (Japan), KSNAJ (Japan), NIO (India), NSF (USA), IFREMER (France), COMRA (China).

Supporting Organizations: IOM