Prospective authors are invited to submit abstract to:


International Pipeline Symposium

Moscow, Russia, June 7-9, 1999

Following the annual ISOPE-99 Brest Conference, the 2nd ISOPE European Offshore Mechanics Symposium, ISOPE EUROMS-99 Moscow: International Pipeline Symposium is being organized by ISOPE (International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers) in cooperation with AO VNIIST and supported by Ministries of the Russian Federation.  The Symposium is timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of AO VNIIST.

The purpose of the Symposium is to provide an excellent opportunity for engineers, designers and project managers and promote technical as well as business cooperation at an international level.


Call For Papers


  Abstract Submission (2 copies)

October 31, 1998

DEADLINES Manuscript for Review

December 31, 1998

  Final Papers on Mats for Acceptance

March 10, 1999

Prospective authors are invited to submit two copies of abstract in 300-400 words to (1) one of TPC members (see below) or (2) ISOPE EUROMS-99 IOC, ISOPE, P.O. Box 1107, Golden, Colorado 80402-1107, USA (Fax 1-303-420-3760), or (3) For Russian abstracts, ISOPE EUROMS-99 c/o. AO VNIIST, Moscow, Russia (Fax +7095-366-4393), observing the above key dates.  Abstract must emphasize significance of the results.  Abstract must include the paper title, all author's and co-authors' names, affiliations, full addresses, and telephone and fax numbers of the corresponding author:

Topics of particular interest are:


Technology and Construction

Arctic, Caspian, Black Sea, Barents Sea and Sakhalin Pipelines Standards and Technologies
Pipelines in Permafrost & Arctic Offshore Design, Construction and Machines
Arctic River Crossing Fabrication and Installation
Pipe-Laying, Operations and Maintenance


Environmental Protection


Database Strength, Safety, Risk and Reliability
Materials, Welding, Inspection and Control and Corrosion Protection


Tabletop Exhibition:  Limited number of exhibition spaces will be available.

Initial Members of International Organizing Committee (with Fax number):

Prof. Jin S. Chung (Colorado School of Mines, USA, +1-303-420-3760); Dr. J A Maple (JA Maple & Assoc., USA, 1-713-422-4322); Dr. V. I. Khomenko and M. Kamyshev (AO VNIIST, JSC, Moscow, Russia, +7095-366-4393); Mr. G. Trofimov (Ministry of Fuel and Energy, Moscow, Investment Policy, 924-5174); Dr. A. St. Tsvetsinsky (JSC ECO-System, Moscow, 921-0076); Mr. V.N. Dedeshko (Gazprom, Moscow, 133-1380); Dr. Y.P. Batalin (AO Stroytransgas, Moscow, 719-9319); Mr. P.A. Truskov (Sakhalin Energy Investment Co., Moscow, 956-1760).

Sponsors and Cooperating Organizations: ISOPE and VNIIST.

Supporting Organizations: Ministry of Fuel and Energy, Ministry of Science and Technologies, RAO "Gazprom", Lukoil Company, AO Stroytransgas, JSC