Technical Committees

Ocean Technology Committee
Underwater Technology Committee
Renewable Energy & Environment Committee
Polar Science & Technology Committee
Structures and Materials Committee
Hydrodynamics Committee
Sloshing Dynamics and Design Committee
Coastal Engineering Committee
Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental Engineering Committee
Subsea, Pipelines and Risers Committee
Advanced Ship Technology Committee

Board of Editors (2017-)

Jin S. Chung (ISOPE, USA)
I Langen (Univ of Stavanger, Norway)
M S Triantafyllou (Massachusetts Inst of Technology, USA)
T Yao (Osaka Univ, Japan)
O M Akselsen (SINTEF, Norway)
H C Chen (Texas A&M Univ, USA)
P Ferrant (Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France)
S Y Hong (Korea Research Inst of Ships & Ocean Eng, Korea)
R E Hobbs (Imperial College of Sci and Tech, UK)
A D Jenkins (Uni Computing, Norway)
H W Jin (ExxonMobil Research & Eng, USA)
M Kashiwagi (Osaka Univ, Japan)
A Khayyer (Kyoto Univ, Japan)
I Kubat (Nat’l Research Council, Canada)
C F Leung (Nat’l Univ of Singapore, Singapore)
T Matsui (Osaka Univ, Japan)
M Muskulus (Norwegian Univ of Sci and Tech, Norway)
B D Newbury (ExxonMobil Production Co, USA)
T Sapsis (Massachusetts Inst of Technology, USA)
J D Sørensen (Aalborg Univ, Denmark)
V A Squire (Univ of Otago, New Zealand)
E Tsuru (Nippon Steel & Sumikin Tech Co, Japan
F Vorpahl (Senvion GmbH, Germany)