Technical Committees (2011-2012)

International Offshore Technology Committee (IOTC):

International Polar Technology Committee (IPTC):

International Hydrodynamics Committee (IHC):

IHC:  Numerical Wave Tank (NWT) Group:

International Coastal Engineering Committee (ICEC)

International Structures and Materials Committee (ISMC):

International Tubular Structures Committee (ITSC): merged to ISMC

International Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering Committee (IGEEC):

International Subsea, Pipeline and Riser Committee (ISPRC): 

Ad-hoc Committee Groups are established on the basis of the level of technical activities in individual fields.


Nominating Committee (1995-97) (chair: immediate past president and members: past board members.

Ocean Engineering Education Committee (chair: Prof. Jin S. Chung, ISOPE, USA)

Awards Committee (1991-) (chair: Rotates every other year):


EUROMS Executive Committee

Dr. S. Berg (Aker Engineering, Norway, 1989- ), Prof. J.S. Chung -Chair (ISOPE, 2000-, Colorado School of Mines, USA, 1989-2000), Dr. B.J. Natvig (Marine Technology Consulting, Norway, 1989- ).


PACOMS Executive Committee

Prof. A.T. Bekker (Far Eastern Federal Univ., Russia, 1993- ), Prof. Chucheepsakul (King Mongkut’s Univ of Tech, Thailand, 2006-), Prof. J.S. Chung -Chair (ISOPE, 2000-, Colorado School of Mines, USA, 1989-2000), Prof. M. Isaacson (Univ. British Columbia, Canada, 1989- ), Prof. S. Naito (Osaka Univ., Japan, 1996-), Prof. H Liu (Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ., China, 2010-), Prof. Han-il Park (Korea Maritime Univ, Korea, 2008-), Dr. S.W. Hong (Maritime and Ocean Engineering Research Inst, Korea, 1998-), Prof. H Zhang (Griffith Univ, Australia, 2008-).


Ocean Mining Working Group (OMWG)

USA, France, Germany, Japan, Poland, Korea, India and China.


Board of Editors (2011-)

Jin S Chung (ISOPE)

R M W Frederking (Nat Research Council, Canada)

W Koterayama (Kyushu Univ, Japan)

I Langen (Univ of Stavanger, Norway)

H G Brandes (Univ of Hawaii, USA)

H C Chen (Texas A&M Univ, USA)

P Ferrant (Ecole Centrale de Nantes, France)

M Fujikubo (Osaka Univ, Japan)

 S Y Hong (Maritime & Ocean Eng Research Inst, Korea)

R E Hobbs (Imperial Collegeof Sci and Tech, UK)

H W Jin (ExxonMobil Research & Eng, USA)

M Kashiwagi (Osaka Univ, Japan)

T Matsui (Ritsumeikan Univ, Japan)

B D Newbury (ExxonMobil Dev Co, USA)

AJNA Sarmento (Instituto Superior Tecnico, Portugal)

V A Squire (Univ of Otago, New Zealand)

M S Triantafyllou (M.I.T., USA).